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Developing their creative muscles

With Out of the Box starting this week at QPAC, Scholar in Residence Professor Judith McLean talks about the role of play in creativity in children ….


20 Jun 2016

One star at a time

Queensland artist Maryann Talia Pau is collecting one million individually weaved stars from across the globe to form an impressive installation with a powerful message.

17 Jun 2016

Top Touring Tips

Luke Harriman from arTour provides advice to arts organisations wanting to tour their work.

16 Jun 2016

Heart Art

It started as curiosity over a sign on a door and became a project to improve the health and wellbeing of residents in the McKinlay Shire. Helen Lynch talks about the RADF project at Julia Creek and the impact it is having on the community… 

9 Jun 2016

6 reasons to celebrate the arts in Queensland Week

It’s Queensland Week and we thought we’d celebrate why the arts matter to Queenslanders….

8 Jun 2016

Operation Shelldrake

James Alley talks about the mural project he has just completed with young people at the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre.

30 May 2016


Melissa Lanham traces the development of her dance work, Vincent, from a small RADF grant to national and international touring interest…

24 May 2016

Can theatre raise social consciousness?

Following an evaluation of It all Begins with Love, Dr Wendy Madsen talks about using the realist evaluation approach to evaluate if theatre can raise social consciousness…


19 May 2016

Connected communities

Libby Anstis talks about the new Sunnybank Performing Arts Centre and its role within the local community…

16 May 2016