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Top 10 most read posts in 2015

As we start 2016, we’ve taken a look back at our top 10 most read posts during 2015.


10.   The Rings of value (February 2015)

The arts and culture value story is like an onion with rings of data that evidence value creation. This post examined the importance of data in telling the story about arts and culture. Links to useful data sets included.




9.     Arts in Daily Life  (December 2014)  
How do Queenslanders engage in, what do we think of and how are our behaviors and attitude changing towards the arts? Valuable data on Queenslanders engagement and attitudes to the arts. Regional snapshots available.





number 108.    10 tips for apply for funding (September 2015) 
Need some tips about applying for funding? In September 2015, Arts Queensland published a list of 10 tips to help with that next application….  





7.    Arts Business fund what is it (February 2015)
Arts Business Innovation Fund was launched this year to support arts business development.





6.    Cultural tourism Reviving the beloved choose your own adventure (July 2015)  
Why be a tourist when you can be a secret agent? Or run through the streets of a new city to escape a zombie apocalypse? Emily Craven talked about the Story City App and the potential impact on cultural tourism… 




Feature image from Individual Fund post5.    Individual Fund September 2014 application data (March 2015) 
Arts Queensland continued to release application data in 2015 providing information about who applied, how much was requested and the location of funded projects by program.




Photo of a crowd4.    Culture Counts (April 2015) 
Can intrinsic value be measured? Arts Queensland explored this topic through participation in a six-month trial of a new audience surveying platform -  Culture Counts.




3.    An intimate journey from Townsville to London (January 2015) 
Michelle Ryan shared her inspiring story of dancing despite suffering from Multiple Sclerosis …. 





2.    Beyond the creative challenge  (January 2015) 
Dr Cathryn Lloyd shared her journey from visual artist to Founder and Director of Maverick Minds working at the intersection of arts and business….. 





And our most viewed post in 2015 was ….


Image from Kathleen Jennings1.    Six tips for artists entrepreneurs (April 2015)
Illustrator Kathleen Jennings provides her top suggestions for how artists can find and make opportunities to sell their work.







What was your favourite post in 2015? What would you like to see in 2016?


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