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On geese, leadership and disability

Jo Verrent lives the principle of the Arts for all Queenslanders strategy that embracing diversity gives us an edge. 

20 Jun 2014

Arts Queensland Resource Update - Issue 16 of 2014

Latest resource update

19 Jun 2014

Arts and Biotechnology

Culture Champion Svenja Kratz describes her exploration of the intersections between art and science

18 Jun 2014

The fine art of juggling

Arts Queensland’s analysis of quantitative data from the annual reports of its funded small to medium arts and cultural organisations from 2005 to 2012 is now available.

16 Jun 2014

Fellow travellers and a touch of bohemia in the tropics

 Sue Hackett, General Manager of the Australian Festival of Chamber Music provides her insights and experiences on engaging with the tourism industry.

13 Jun 2014

Artistic returns from the Gold Coast Art Festival

Read our latest case study

12 Jun 2014

What is demand driven?

We want to start a discussion about demand-driven frameworks – how they inform investment, planning, programming, development, growth and evaluation…..

11 Jun 2014

Getting the most out of audience surveying

Sandra Fields shares her top tips for surveying audiences…

10 Jun 2014