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Push or pull?

PhD candidate Maree Stanley examines the Arts for all Queenslanders strategy consultation theme of ‘up-skilling’  to develop commercial and entrepreneurial capacity…

5 Jun 2014

The public value of fashion

Madeleine King and Nadia Buick examine the artistic, cultural and social value of fashion….

3 Jun 2014

How can arts and culture make a place?

Lucy Buzacott invites comment for her enquiry into the value of local place-making for stronger communities…

2 Jun 2014

The Body Language Project

Evangeline Goodfellow explains how the The Body Language Project builds resilience and empowers people…

29 May 2014

Simple and effective audience surveying

Andy Grodecki shares the approach they’ve taken to audience surveying at the Arts in the Olives Festival, as an important part of understanding their value… 

27 May 2014

Place, emotion and connection

Tim Ellis describes an Indigenous cultural tourism enterprise that is a must-do for visitors to the Port Douglas and Daintree regio

20 May 2014

Ailan Pasin – An Island Fashion journey

Lynnette Griffiths discusses the growth of a new Indigenous fabric and fashion enterprise….

15 May 2014