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Looking beyond arts funding

Arts and cultural organisations are increasingly successful in attracting Community Benefit funding….

9 May 2014

Not packing it in

Gabriel Smith describes how winning the Wayne Kratzmann Award boosted her career as an emerging artist…..

5 May 2014

Empowering a Deaf artist within circus communities of practice

Circus artist Racheal Missingham discusses the value of inclusivity in arts and cultural practice…..

2 May 2014

Individuals Fund Application Data from October 2013

In the first of a series of factsheets, Arts Queensland is sharing collated information about applications to the Individuals Fund in October 2013.

30 Apr 2014

Queensland applications to Australia Council – the facts!

The statistics show Queensland artists do not apply to the Australia Council at the rate our population would suggest should be the case. What are the barriers to applying? What can Arts Queensland do to assist?

16 Apr 2014

Creative Space

Claire Marshall shares her experiences in developing a new enterprise to help sustain her practice as an independent choreographer and producer...

11 Apr 2014

After the Flood

Tom Hearn shares his experience in curating community stories from those affected by the 2013 Queensland floods…

8 Apr 2014

Staying afloat – supporting healthy communities through the arts

This is the key message of a paper published by Australian Institute of Health and Welfare researchers who examined the evidence of the health benefits to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities of participating in arts programs

4 Apr 2014