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Arts and Cultural Snapshots (RADF)

Arts Queensland is proud to partner with local government to support quality arts and cultural experiences across Queensland through the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF).

In partnership with 59 Queensland councils, Arts Queensland has developed Arts and Cultural Snapshots to provide an overview of the council area's demographics, local strategies and priorities, Arts Queensland investment, arts and cultural infrastructure, events, festivals and key contacts.

Map of Croydon

Croydon Shire Council area

Croydon Local Government Area is located just south of the base of the Gulf of Carpentaria in Far North Queensland.

Map of Diamantina

Diamantina Shire Council area

The Diamantina Shire Local Government Area is situated 1600 km west of Brisbane in Queensland’s channel country.

Map of Douglas

Douglas Shire Council area

The Douglas Local Government Area is an area of 2,445 sq. km, extended northwards along the coast just beyond Ellis Beach (Cairns) for a distance of 100km to Bloomfield River.

Map of Etheridge

Etheridge Shire Council area

Etheridge Shire Council Local Government Area is located 381kms west from Townsville.

Map of Flinders

Flinders Shire Council area

Flinders Local Government Area is located 386km west of Townsville and 519km east of Mount Isa in north western Queensland.

Map of Fraser Coast

Fraser Coast Regional Council area

Fraser Coast Regional Local Government Area is located 250kms north of Brisbane.