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Cairns and District Chinese Association

The Cairns and District Chinese Association (CADCAI) delivered a traditional Chinese kites exhibition at the Tanks Arts Centre in Cairns. The exhibition included three Cairns region artists in residence, directed by a Master Chinese Kite Maker (Mr Ou), followed by an exhibition and public workshops in Chinese kite making.

The exhibition was designed as a cultural exchange with Cairns sister city Zhanjiang, China, bringing greater awareness of Chinese culture to Cairns residents and tourists. The exhibtion and residency brought the Cairns Chinese community together on several occasions—at the dinner celebratons to welcome Mr Ou from China, the community kite flying day at Palm Cove, the Exhibition opening night, dragon dancing displays and at the Sister Cities Day.

The profiles of four Queensland artists were raised through this exhibtion—Arone Meeks, Priscilla Ong and Hayley Gillespie as artists in residence and volunteer artist Liliana Remedi through the three week residency and six week exhibition. Artists were promoted through Tanks Arts Centre marketing, Chinese radio and through the local newspaper.

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