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Good Vibrations


Good Vibrations art project at Endeavour Foundation Wallace Park Learning and Lifestyle aimed to capture the aspects of what contributes to the ‘good vibrations’ of Noosa lifestyle.

The project engaged three local artists, Dale Leach, Kerry Douglas and Rose Lloyd-Giblett to work with clients with an intellectual and/or physical disability to create artworks to be hung in an exhibition space.

Through a series of workshops, community members, clients, carers and staff were taught new skills and techniques and were given the opportunity to use a range of media.

Additional groups including Noosa  Community Care also participated in the workshops. 

The progress of the art project was on display in the Noosa library for two weeks. The finished items were installed in Endeavour premises in time for the celebration launch of the project on 28 April 2016.

The project has been beneficial in showcasing what people with a disability can do and the therapeutic benefits to participants. Endeavour WPL&L are looking to undertake further art projects in the future, building on the skills participants and staff developed from the Good Vibrations.

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July 2015 to April 2016



Key stats

  • 23 participants
  • 3 Queensland based artists and cultural workers

Funding contribution

$3536 – Regional Arts Development Fund   

The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Noosa Council.

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  • Active participation in the workshops and the project launch has not only developed the creative skills of participants but also increased self-esteem, social skills and confidence.
  • Artist gained skills and developed their techniques from working with each other. All artists gained immense knowledge from the experience and will be able to lead other art projects engaging people with a disability. Two of the artists had not previously worked with people with a disability.
  • The project has supported the development of relationships with other community members. An attendee at the project’s launch who has been doing art classes at a nearby venue has volunteered to help out with future art and craft sessions. There has also been more collaboration with other community groups.
  • The project has opened opportunities for artists with one artist pursuing another community-based project. 


I learnt a lot about different ways of doing art, and liked chatting with others. Participant

It is a pleasure to see the joy it has given to all concerned to produce these masterpieces. Audience member

It was very good I had a great time doing Good Vibrations. Participant

I am not sure if surprise is the right word, but something like this project always enhances the ability in disability. Perhaps it is more a validation in my belief of the power of creativity to equalise us all and put us on a level playing field. Artist


Learnings and reflections

For anyone interested in or considering a similar project, Endeavour staff and artists had the following tips:

  • Keep things simple. This opens the way for more productive sessions. Participants were more engaged involved when the activity was simple
  • Be flexible to allow for activities to develop at each participant’s pace. Artists need to adapt to the pace of participants. Go with the flow allows for the project to take detours but still stay within project outline
  • Less verbalisation and more 'let's do this' - more hands on worked better than talking too much
  • Short-term hands-on results are good. When participants can see where they were heading or could see what the end result would be, they were more interested or excited about the activity.


Contact for further information

Contact: Julie Elford



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A pdf version (PDF) (399.6 KB) of this case study is available.


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