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Lee FullARTon


Lee Fullarton undertook a six week residency at Sanskriti Kendra in New Delhi, India.

The residency included:

  • collaborations with traditional artists
  • development of Lee’s arts practice
  • exploration of the role of Teaching Artist in a global context
  • a collaborative art project with children

Her work and research during the residency will inform a major exhibition at Ipswich Art Gallery in November 2015. Lee also presented and workshopped her newly developed app for teaching art Botanics (FullartonFree) with children from non-government organisations, private schools, teachers, artists and art professionals from across India.


October – December 2014 


New Delhi, India

Arts Queensland contribution

$5530 – Individuals Fund   


  • During the residency, Lee developed a body of preliminary work (over 200 sketches, drawings, painting, prints, objects and installations) inspired by the cultural and artistic practices of fellow artists in India and around the world. This work will form a major exhibition at Ipswich Art Gallery in November 2015. The exhibition will include a creative collaboration with two groups of school children. Lee will incorporate the children’s visual responses to letters that she wrote to them about her experiences whilst in India.  
  • Lee presented her artworks in an International Artist in Residence exhibition at Sanskriti Kendra. 
  • With an expanded network, Lee is currently developing a collaborative proposal with Kiran Nadar Museum, Indian artists and animators for a project that includes cultural exchange, artist in residence and collaboration with children from India and Australia for an international exhibition. 
  • Lee received a positive response to her newly developed app for teaching art, Botanics (Fullarton and Free). Lee also gathered and documented a body of work that will be the focus of her next app, based on the tribal and cultural practices of Indian artists. 

Learnings and reflections

Lee Fullarton reflects on the benefits and challenges of her residency: 

Selecting an artist in residence space like Sanskriti Kendra meant that I had a designated space within a serene environment to work, direct access to three museums and was supported by a motivated and dedicated staff that went out of their way to assist me to achieve all my aspirations. 

The centre is a hub of arts exchange and activity whereby there is something interesting, engaging or inspiring happening each and every day. This enabled me to connect with many varied artists and arts professionals. The challenge however is to stay focussed on work and balance these opportunities with experiences outside of the centre for a wellrounded artist in residence experience.

Serendipitous moments came to me as if sent by the gods and goddesses during the residency - it was about great timing - being in the right place at the right time and it was through my willingness and sense of adventure that I was open to take up these fortuitous opportunities.

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Phone: 0423 705 508 


A pdf version of this case study (PDF) (360.1 KB) is available.

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