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About the centre

Bulmba-ja, managed by Arts Queensland, is a theatre, gallery and creative development space that plays a vital role in the thriving Cairns arts scene.

Backing Indigenous Arts

The Arts Queensland team based in Cairns is responsible for the agency’s program delivery, infrastructure management and stakeholder relations in Cairns and Far North Queensland, including the Queensland Government’s Backing Indigenous Arts (BIA) initiative to build sustainable and ethical Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts industries in Queensland.


Arts Queensland Cairns offices

JUTE Theatre Company

NorthSite Contemporary Arts (formerly KickArts)

Miriki Performing Arts

The Pryce Centre for Culture and Arts


Header image: Carl Fourmile (L) and Bernard Singleton (R) in front of their artworks which are the first two to be projected onto the Bulmba-ja LED facade. Photos: Courtesy NorthSite Contemporary Arts and Blueclick Photography.