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QASP Arts Ignite - Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts

The Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts (JWCoCA) hosts a number of artists and organisations to develop new works.

The centre is supporting the five creative development projects below in 2018 under the Arts Queensland (AQ) funding stream Queensland Arts Showcase Program (QASP) Arts Ignite – JWCoCA, which invests in performing arts projects from development to presentation by providing financial and venue support.

QASP – Arts Ignite – JWCoCA was developed in response to feedback from the arts sector and will help the centre play a larger role in supporting the sector to develop innovative new work.

A new round of creative development projects will take place at the JWCoCA in 2019.

Applications for this round have now closed and successful recipients will be announced soon.

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2018 projects

Babushka Collective

Babushka in Happily Ever After will be a cabaret work designed to tour. 

Start date 14 May 2018.
End date 1 June 2018.
Performance information here »

Circus Company 2

Le Coup is a circus performance that explores the rapid pace of contemporary society layered with issues of social class and gender.

Start date 4 June 2018.
End date 30 June 2018.
Performance information 29 and 30 June 2018 at JWCoCA; other venues here »

The Good Room

I’ve Been Meaning to Ask You is a new theatre work that will be created with young collaborators aged 8 to 14 years.

Start date 16 July 2018.
End date 21 September 2018 (staggered creative development period).
Performance information here »

Angela Chaplin

If Only I Could will explore the process of ageing and combine contemporary and ballroom dance to be performed by emerging, established and elderly dancers.

Start date 22 October 2018.
End date 10 November 2018.
Performance information10 November 2018 at JWCoCA (open rehearsal).

Media story here »

The Farm

Depthless will be a live music and dance-theatre work exploring gender roles.

Start date 12 November 2018.
End date 1 December 2018.
Performance information 29 November - 1 December 2018 at JWCoCA.

Performance information here »