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Townsville turns 150

On 15 February 1866, Townsville was declared a municipality. Fast forward 150 years and Townsville has become a dynamic hub with a vibrant arts and cultural scene.

Today marks the beginning of a year-long celebration of Townsville’s 150th birthday as the city plays host to 150 community-led festivals, events and concerts, exhibitions, and activities to explore the region’s rich heritage and celebrate its cultural evolution.

A feature event in the celebrations is the opening of the Museum of Tropical Queensland’s new exhibition, Townsville turns 150: the old and the news. The exhibition showcases major milestones in Townsville’s history including the development of the Port and James Cook University, the bringing together of the Third Queensland (Kennedy) Regiment in 1886 and the impact of technological developments.

Bolstering its status as a dynamic regional hub, Townsville will also host the internationally renowned World Science Festival Regional Program this Saturday, 20 February. The festival provides communities the opportunity to explore and marvel at scientific processes and discoveries by highlighting research within the fields of Paleontology, Marine biodiversity and Robotics. 

The Queensland Government is a proud supporter of Townsville’s arts and cultural sector through a series of programs including the Regional Arts Development Fund, and the Queensland Museum Network (encompassing the Museum of Tropical Queensland).