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New Regional Arts Initiatives For Queensland

The 2017/18 Queensland Budget included an investment in the arts of an additional $43.1 million to support sector growth and the delivery of significant regional and economic benefits.

The Queensland Government recognises the significant contribution of arts and culture to connect communities through access to quality arts and cultural experiences, create employment and drive cultural tourism outcomes.

In this year’s budget, major arts initiatives will support:

  • regional arts access
  • growth in Indigenous performing arts
  • arts infrastructure, including the creation of an Infrastructure Investment Fund
  • growth in cultural tourism
  • employment growth directly and indirectly generated by the arts sector.

Regional and Indigenous initiatives
To advance regional and Indigenous arts initiatives, Arts Queensland is consulting with Queensland’s arts sector in relation to two specific funding commitments:

  • $6.5 million over four years for Indigenous and regional arts initiatives which will employ dedicated regionally based arts officers and provide increased community and Indigenous arts activities across the State
  • $2.1 million in 2017-18 to create a dedicated arts incubator space for startup Indigenous performance companies at the Cairns Centre of Contemporary Art and within Indigenous communities

Our consultative approach
Arts Queensland and our partners in delivering arts initiatives across the state, will together focus on creating a new framework for Indigenous and regional arts services to respond to community demand and local arts priorities.

Our approach includes extensive consultation with all levels of government, Queensland’s arts sector, our funded organisations and companies, and other stakeholders to identify key priorities, issues and opportunities for regional arts services.

Arts Queensland also acknowledges the significant consultation work of the Queensland Chamber of Arts and Culture (QCAC), formerly the Queensland Arts Advocacy Group. Arts Queensland will continue to work with QCAC now that a funding allocation has been made.

If you have any questions about this consultation process, feel free to contact us by emailing