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The Queensland Government's ten-year vision which will see Queensland renewed and contribute to the state's social, cultural and economic future through arts, culture and creativity.

Foots Hill Blues & Roots Festival

It takes more than COVID-19 to stop the music for the Townsville Folk and Acoustic Music Club, who established a new boutique music festival to re-engage and reinvigorate the region’s live music community.

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Arts Queensland


Arts Queensland

Arts Queensland


    Judith Wright Centre

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    Arts and Culture Strategy

    Centre of Contemporary Arts Cairns (CoCA)


    The Queensland Government acknowledges the Country and people of Queensland’s First Nations. We pay our respect to Elders, past, present and emerging. We acknowledge the continuous living cultures of First Nations Queenslanders – their diverse languages, customs and traditions, knowledges and systems.

    We acknowledge the deep relationship, connection and responsibility to land, sea and sky Country as an integral element of First Nations identity and culture. This Country is sacred. Everything on the land has meaning and all people are one with it.

    We acknowledge First Nations peoples’ sacred connection as central to culture and being. First Nations people speak to Country, listen to Country, sing up Country, dance up Country, understand Country and long for Country.

    We acknowledge and thank First Nations people for the enduring relationship connecting people, Country and ancestors – an unbreakable bond that safely stewarded and protected the land, waters and sky for thousands of generations.