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Other Government Funding and Support

Queensland Government Support

The Queensland Government offers a range of initiatives to help support Queenslanders and businesses though COVID-19. More information can be found at the Queensland Government COVID-19 website

Free online training courses

Access online skill sets and micro-credentials through TAFE Queensland and CQUniversity in food service, community care, health support, customer engagement, digital literacy and cyber security.

Small Businesses COVID-19 Adaption Grant program

Supports small businesses subject to closure or highly impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19) shutdown restrictions announced by the Queensland Government, to adapt and sustain their operations, and build resilience

Payroll tax relief

A return of payroll tax from the last two months to small, medium and affected large businesses. Small and medium businesses will be given a payroll tax holiday for the next three months, followed by a deferral for the rest of the year. Large businesses will have their payroll tax deferred for the rest of the year.

Industry recovery package

An initial $27.25 million COVID-19 industry recovery package to assist local government, business and industry with resilience and recovery strategies, targeted financial support and counselling. 

Jobs Finder Queensland - portal closed

Registration for job search assistance via the Jobs Finder Queensland portal has now closed. Until the end of December 2020, the Queensland Government partnered with the recruitment and staffing industry to streamline opportunities for temporarily displaced workers to find work during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Jobs Support - closed

As part of the Queensland Governments response to COVID-19, a $1 billion loan scheme was delivered by the Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority (QRIDA) between March and September 2020. Now closed, the scheme has assisted 7,000 Queensland businesses and supported 86,000 local jobs.

If you now have a COVID-19 Loan with QRIDA you can find important information regarding the ongoing management of your loan on the QRIDA COVID-19 Jobs Support Loan page. A wide range of other government assistance remains available for Queensland businesses impacted by COVID-19, please visit for more information.


Federal Government Support - Economic Stimulus Measures

Please regard the information below as summary guidance for the arts and cultural sector only. For any specific questions, please contact your bookkeeper, taxation professional or the Australian Taxation Office.



JobKeeper is a temporary scheme in which employers will receive fortnightly payments of $1,500 for workers (including casuals and soletraders) for up to six months, for each eligible employee that was on their books on 1 March 2020. The payment will ensure eligible employers and employees stay connected even if businesses move into hibernation.

Key Points for the Arts and Cultural Sector

  • It is important that businesses and self-employed individuals register in the first instance with the ATO
  • Businesses and self-employed individuals should discuss specific circumstances with a taxation or accounting professional after initial registration.
  • Given the highly variable turnover of many businesses and self-employed individuals, the Tax Commissioner will have discretion to consider additional information that the business can provide to establish that they have been adversely affected by the impacts of the COVID-19
  • Organisations and self-employed individuals in receipt of government grants should consider their eligibility after registration, noting the Job Keeper Subsidy is based on a turnover test, rather than a test of earned income only.

Boosting cash flow for employers

The Boosting Cash Flow for Employers initiative provides up to $100,000 to eligible small and medium-sized businesses, and not-for-profits (NFPs) that employ people, with a minimum payment of $20,000 spread over the next three activity statement periods.

For Arts and Cultural business, it is important that activity and taxations statements are up to date. For not-for-profit-entities, it is based on evidence of payments to employees

Assuming quarterly activity statements, payments will be spread across the next three reporting quarters, with at least $10,000 in the current quarter, $5,000 June quarter and $5,000 September quarter.

The Cash Flow Assistance fact sheet can be found here.

Australia Council 

The Australia Council for the Arts is the Australian Government's arts funding and advisory body.

Targeted Support for Indigenous Arts, Regional Arts and Support Act

Indigenous Visual Arts Industry Support program

$7 million in additional funding allocated under the Indigenous Visual Arts Industry Support program.

Support Act industry charity

$10 million provided to industry charity Support Act. Support Act is an Australian charity that delivers crisis relief services to artists, crew and music workers as a result of ill health, injury, a mental health problem, or some other crisis that impacts on their ability to work in music. It has expanded its services to offer Crisis Relief grants to music industry professionals impacted by COVID-19.

Regional Arts Fund

$10 million through Regional Arts Australia’s Regional Arts Fund which is delivered in Queensland through Flying Arts.