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Get the facts and get involved in Queensland Youth Week

Queensland is celebrating its own youth week for the first time in 2018.

Held from Friday 6 April through to Sunday 15 April 2018, Queensland Youth Week celebrates the achievements, vitality and strength of young Queenslanders aged 12 to 25 years.

To mark the occasion we have collated some facts about how Queensland young people (aged 15-24 years) are supported to engage in the arts as well as facts from the Queensland data from the Australia Council of the Arts – Connecting Australians: Results of the National Arts Participation Survey 2017 . 

This data provides insight into how young people engage with the arts and their attitudes and beliefs to the arts in Queensland. 

For information about events occurring in Youth Week check out the website.  Also have a look at the Queensland Youth Ehub, an online space where you can have a say about issues that affect you.


Young people are attending live arts events

Almost 500,000 of Queenslanders aged 15-24 years attended a gallery or live music event, theatre or dance in 2016 (77%). Over 389,000 attended an arts festival (60%) with music festivals being the most popular. 


6 in 10 are actively involved in creating or making art

Over 400,000 Queenslanders aged 15-24 years made art or were actively involved in an arts activity during 2016 (63%). Visual arts and craft was the most popular art form for participation followed by creative writing, music, dance and theatre.


Young people have a positive attitude to the arts

Queensland young people have a positive attitude to the arts believing it is important to Australia’s culture and society. Eight in ten Queenslanders believe Indigenous arts are an important part of Australia’s culture (81%). More than seven in 10 believe:

  • Artists make an important contribution to Australian society (79%)
  • It is exciting to see new styles and types of art (78%)
  • The arts should be an important part of the education of every Australian (76%)
  • The arts in Australia reflect the diversity of cultures present in Australia (74%)
  • The arts are an important way to get different perspective on a topic or issue (73%).


Most believe the arts have a positive impact

Ninety-one per cent of Queenslanders aged 15-24 years believe the arts have a positive impact on our lives. More than 7 in 10 Queenslanders aged 15-24 years believe the arts have an impact on:

  • Our ability to think creatively and develop new ideas (78%)
  • Our ability to express ourselves (76%)
  • Our understanding of other people and cultures (74%)
  • Stimulating out minds (74%)
  • Helping us deal with stress, anxiety or depression (71%).


Young people are highly engaged with the arts online

Almost all Queenslanders aged 15-24 years engage with the arts online (99%). Viewing arts online (48%) was the most common form of engagement followed by researching or reviewing art of an artist (41%) and following or interacting with an artist or arts organisation (37%)


One in three donate their time or money to the arts

Thirty-four per cent of Queenslanders aged 15-24 years volunteer their time or money for the arts. 


Queensland Government support of young people in the arts

In 2016–17 Arts Queensland provided $8.5 million through contestable funds in arts and cultural programs to support services and deliver programs with a focus on children and young people. Of this total, $4.05 million was paid to 23 organisations who undertake projects that benefit young people and children. Queensland Arts Statutory Bodies and Arts-Owned Companies also provide projects that engage children and young people such as festivals, schools touring and more.

Arts Queensland also collaborates with regional and remote local councils including remote and discrete Indigenous councils, as well as educational institutions, to provide devolved funding for arts projects including projects by and for young people.

Feel free to download and share the infographic below to help spread the word about how Queensland's youth engage with the arts.

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Australia Council for the Arts (2017) Connecting Australians: Results of the National Arts Participation Survey. State and Territory results customised tables.