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Individuals Fund - March 2017 round - Who received funding and how they did it?

The Individuals Fund supports artists and cultural workers to reach their potential, create and present vibrant and innovative arts and cultural experiences, develop their skills and practice, explore new directions and develop new audiences and markets.

Since 2013, over 107 opportunities have been supported through the Individuals Fund. 

Successful applicants (XLSX) (22.71 KB) for the March 2017 round are published on the Arts Queensland website and the next Individuals Fund round closes 4 August 2017.

To provide some insight into who applied and who received funding we’ve summarised some of the key facts from the March 2017 round as outlined below:


Who applied?

The March 2017 round attracted 57 applications with a total request of over $370,000 of these 53 applications were eligible for funding in this round. Visual arts craft and design and music were the highest represented artforms this round.  A breakdown of applicants by artform can be found in the attached table (DOCX) (15.42 KB). 


Who received funding?

$77,383 was invested in 15 applicants with successful grants ranging from $1,933 to $10,000. Theatre and music had the highest number of successful applicants in this round. Over 50 per cent of successful applicants identified as emerging artists. Recipients also identified as belonging to the following groups:

This data is also available in the attached table (DOCX) (15.42 KB).


How is funding being used?

Eighty per cent of projects include at least one international location. Successful applicants identified 19 overseas locations and 9 Australian locations for their projects.


Overseas activities include artist residencies, attendance or presentatiodn at international markets, conferences or festivals and first international solo exhibitions. Australian based activities include residencies, recording a debut EP and support to write a series of short stories to strengthen and promote the local Indigenous language. Information about specific activity for each recipient can be found on the AQ website.

Why were applications ineligible?

Common reasons for ineligibility of applications included:

  • proposed activities commenced before funding outcomes were due to be announced
  • 100% of the project budget was requested
  • applications required further information – e.g. budget information was missing or current/active ABN as an individual/sole trader were not supplied.


What did assessors say about the round?

Assessors indicated the overall quality of applications was high, however their advice to enhance the quality of applications included ensuring: 

  • applications clearly align with the objectives of the Individuals Fund.  If it does not, should consider alternative funding opportunities outlined here.
  • expected career development outcomes of the funded activity are clearly articulated.


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