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Top 16 blog posts in 2016

Last week we had a look at our top 16 case studies for 2016, today we look back at our top 16 blog posts in 2016:


1.    Is mental wellbeing linked to arts engagement? (Published March 2016)
The Art of Being Mentally Healthy is the first study to quantify the relationship between arts and mental health. Dr Christina Davies discussed findings from her paper in a post for Arts Queensland.




2.    Tips for pricing and valuing artistic time and work (Published August 2016)
Do you know how to price your work? What is the value of your time? You can find out in our list of tips for pricing and valuing artistic time and work.




3.    10 facts: Queensland Cultural jobs (Published February 2016)
What is a cultural occupation? How many Queenslanders are employed in cultural occupations? Learn 10 facts about Queensland cultural jobs.




4.    The healing power of arts and health (Published July 2016)
Lynne Seear, Manager of the Arts Program at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital wrote about her experiences of the healing value of arts in health environments.




5.    Individuals Fund 2015 applications (Published March 2016)
The Arts Queensland Individuals Fund is to support individual artists and cultural workers (emerging and established) to participate in transformational professional and career development opportunities. We summarised eight key facts about applications to the Individuals Fund.



6.    And the medal goes to the Gold Coast (Published May 2016)
Two years out from the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, we looked at some customised Australia Bureau of Statistics Data published by the Australia Council about arts and cultural participation and attendance in Queensland. There are some interesting findings about the Gold Coast.  



7.    Top 4 outcomes from the Individuals Fund (Published March 2016)
With the opening of the Individuals Fund in March 2016, we published the top 4 outcomes for applicants who have received funding through the Fund.




8.    “I want to be a writer!” (Published April 2016)
Grace Jarvis, winner of the Queensland Theatre Company's Young Playwright Award, wrote about her experience as a young writer during Queensland Youth Week.




9.    One star at a time (Published June 2016)
Queensland artist Maryann Talia Pau is collecting one million individually weaved stars from across the globe to form an impressive installation with a powerful message. We spoke to Maryann about her project to end violence together, one star at a time.



10.    Volunteering at the old Ambulance Station in Nambour (Published May 2016)
Dr Jude Pippen shared her experience of volunteering at The Old Ambulance Station for National Volunteer Week.




11.    Harmony Day (Published March 2016)
To celebrate Harmony Day in 2016, we asked three dancers from China, now performers with the Queensland Ballet about their experience of living and working in Australia.




12.    Operation Shelldrake Mural (Published May 2016)
I never thought I would be painting the inside of a detention centre with spraypaint, it’s usually the kind of thing that might land you in there! James Alley wrote about the mural project undertaken with young people at the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre.


13.    Focus on Domestic Violence: The photovoice project (Published May 2016)
As part of Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month we asked Ann Alcock from PhotoVoice Australia to reflect on the role photography can play in breaking the silence on domestic violence 




14.    A place I can just be me (Published April 2016)
 “A place I can just be me – even when I don’t know what that is”. Libby Harward wrote about the DRASTIC program at the Tugan and its impact of young people.




15.    Can theatre raise social consciousness? (Published May 2016)
Dr Wendy Madsen talks about using the realist evaluation approach to evaluate the impact of theatre on social consciousness…




16.    Heart Art (Published June 2016)
It started as curiosity over a sign on a door and became a project to improve the health and wellbeing of residents in the McKinlay Shire. Helen Lynch reflected on the RADF-funded art therapy project at Julia Creek and the impact it had in the community.



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