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Innovation for realists

Stuart Cunningham proposes a working concept of innovation for arts and cultural sector...

20 Mar 2014

Demand is not a dirty word

What do we mean by demand? Stephen Clark starts the conversation…

17 Mar 2014

Step by step

Singer songwriter Robbie Miller describes the value of being mentored by someone who cares deeply about the audience……

13 Mar 2014

Tell me a story: Crowdfunding, community and connection

Emma Gibbs explains that the key to a successful crowdfunding campaign is creating an engaging story for your audience…

11 Mar 2014

My place @ ALICE

Jane Cowell reimagines the digital future of public libraries and proposes a demand-driven business model that puts users at the centre…

3 Mar 2014

Many happy returns from a digital poetry project

Read the new case study about Jason Nelson’s experiences of Chercer le texte at the National Library of France, where he exhibited two interactive digital poems. 

27 Feb 2014

Small and local

Chloe Goodyear describes a touring program that recognises and builds on local arts infrastructure...

25 Feb 2014

Commercial viability. Tourism is based on this premise.

Stephen Schwer discusses the different drivers behind tourism and arts practice and how they might work together……

20 Feb 2014

Growing a local creative hub

Paxton’s in Mackay was established to fill a need within our cultural landscape. Margaret Burgess describes how she grew one from a small business venture…..

17 Feb 2014