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COVID-19 Audience Outlook Monitor

The Audience Outlook Monitor is an international study tracking how audiences feel about attending arts and culture events in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Conducted at a number of stages since May 2020, the data provides insight into how audiences feel about engaging with creative events, venues and online, following COVID.  


Phase 7, March 2022

Phase 7 of the study conducted in March 2022 shares the insights from 1,261 audience members living in Queensland. The survey was conducted following the Queensland Floods in February 2022.

Unlike other phases, information for March 2022 has been published in two reports. 

Key findings at March 2022 show:

  • Qlders continue to make firm plans to return, with 7 in 10 (69%) ready to attend arts and cultural events ‘now or whenever permitted’ 
  • There are some parts of audiences that remain cautious about attending including (vulnerable Queenslanders (health or disability), living with a vulnerable person or an older audience member. 
  • Plans are short-term with largest proportion of audiences purchasing tickets to events happening later in the month
  • Queensland audiences  are beginning to travel for cultural events but local events are preferred (3 in 4 plan to attend events in their local areas)
  • Covid safety remains important 
  • Light-hearted content continues to be more attractive to QLD audiences 
  • Arts are being perceived as vital to community recovery. Audience members have indicated that it is important for entertainment and connection. 
  • Queenslanders continue to engage online, with 4 in 10 QLD audiences participating online in the fortnight before data collection. Most common activities include pre-recorded video of events and online classes, courses and tutorials. 


Download Phase 7 reports

Queensland Snapshot Report Phase 7

Queensland Digital Engagement Phase 7 key facts


About the research

Arts Queensland has collaborated with research agencies Patternmakers (Sydney) and WolfBrown (USA) and other government art agencies across Australia since 2020 in the international Audience Outlook Monitor research.

Each phase of the project has involved a cross-sector collaborative survey process involving arts and culture organisations, including museums, galleries, performing arts organisations, and festivals.

For more information about the study, and to access resources such as the dashboard, visit 


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