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COVID-19 Audience Outlook Monitor October 2022

The Audience Outlook Monitor is an international study tracking how audiences feel about attending arts and culture events in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Conducted at a number of stages since May 2020, the data provides insight into how audiences feel about engaging with creative events, venues and online, following COVID.  


Key findings

Phase 8 of the study conducted in October 2022 shares the insights from 900 audience members living in Queensland. 

Attendance outlook 

  • QLD audiences are optimistic about future attendance, with 46% saying they expect to attend more often in the next year, and 50% saying their current attendance levels will stay the same.
  • QLD audiences are feeling positive, with 5 in 10 expecting to attend the same amount or more than they did, pre-pandemic.
  • Attendance is stable. 7 in 10 (72%) QLD audience members attended a cultural event in the fortnight before data collection consistent with August (73%) and an increase from March 2022 (55%).
  • Most venues are considered safe with  comfort at live music venues and interactive exhibits is at an all-time high.
  • COVID caution continues to inhibit one fifth of QLD audiences including Queenslanders with personal health vulnerabilities and effect of long COVID.

Behavioural trends

  • Last-minute ticket buying remains common with QLD audience members most likely to book events within the next seven days (17%) and the next 2-3 weeks (37%).
  • Spending levels are steady or increasing with proportion of Queensland audiences spending over $50 on arts and culture in the past fortnight in November 2022 (65%), higher than March 2022 (60%). 

Infographic that shows calendar icons with Text: Last minute ticket buying in Queensland. % of ticket buyers booking events. 17% in the next 7 days. 37% in the next 2-3 weeks


Barriers to attending

  • Financial reasons are the main barrier to attendance. Other key factors include lack of appealing events (36%), prioritising other things (22%) or challenges getting tickets. 
  • Other things limiting Queensland audiences  attendance:  perceiving a lack of appealing events available, challenges to securing tickets and  prioritising other things in their lives at the moment.


Local is important 

  • QLD audiences are staying local when attending events with the majority of QLD audiences had attended events in their local area (69%), while around 4 in 10 (38%) attended outside their local area but within their region
  • Queenslanders are drawn to local stories with one third (35%) of QLD audiences are attracted to stories about or from their local region 

Infographic with text Local is popular in Queensland. Statistic 1- 35% of audiences are attracted to stories about or from their local areas. Statistic 2 - 69% of audiences are attending events in their local areas


Programming preferences

  • QLD audiences are keen to return to the things they love, but there is an appetite for new cultural experiences
    • 76% agree they’ll be most drawn to fun, uplifting things
    • 35% to challenging things
  • QLD audiences are seeking ‘big name’ artists with (67%) agree that they’ll be drawn to events with ‘big name’ artists and performers

Infographic with text Demand for uplifting arts in Queensland. Statistic 1 - 76% of audiences drawn to fun, light-hearted content. Statistic 2 - 35% of audiences are attracted to challenging themes


Online participation

  • Online participation in cultural activities is stable with 4 in 10 QLD audience members (40%) participated in some kind of online arts recently (stable with 42% in March).
  • Online cultural participation is higher among QLD audiences with access needs including audiences with a disability , those with someone vulnerable to COVID-19 in their household or those aged 75+.
  • Spending on digital activities is declining as QLD audiences enjoy the increased in-person events.
  • Websites, word of mouth and emails from organisations are key channels for QLD audiences of all ages to hear about the arts.

Infographic with Text arts participation is stable in Queensland. % of people participating in some kind of online arts experience. Mar 2022: 42%, Nov 2022: 40%


Download Phase 8 reports

Queensland Snapshot Report Phase 8 (PDF) (978.56 KB)

Queensland Snapshot Report Phase 8 (DOCX) (171.39 KB)

National Live Attendance Update October 2022


About the research

Arts Queensland has collaborated with research agencies Patternmakers (Sydney) and WolfBrown (USA) and other government art agencies across Australia since 2020 in the international Audience Outlook Monitor research.

Each phase of the project has involved a cross-sector collaborative survey process involving arts and culture organisations, including museums, galleries, performing arts organisations, and festivals.

For more information about the study, and to access resources such as the dashboard, visit 

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