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Delivering Value and Gaining Benefits

Learn how to articulate value and prove the benefits you deliver for all investment parties. Access information and resources to sharpen your value proposition and be partner ready.

Contracting with QLD Government

Become more familiar with the Queensland Government’s streamlined Contract framework, and find links to standard terms and conditions.

Unlock Your Opportunity

Register your interest in local, state and federal tender opportunities. The Queensland Procurement Policy ensures we are Putting Queenslanders first when securing value for money. Link into support and resources available through the Queensland Governments Business and Industry Portal.

Develop and Submit Winning Tenders

Link into resources, and information to assist you in developing and submitting competitive tenders. Sign up for on-line refreshers and skill share opportunities, plus link into webinars and workshops to sharpen your skills.


Understand the basics of tendering. Sharpen your business acumen and tendering skills. Self-appraise your growth readiness and resilience.