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Contracting with QLD Government

The Standard Suite of Contracts will be used as a basis for contracting the delivery of services and are published on the Department of Housing and Public Works’ website:

How is a procurement process different from a grant process?

A procurement process involves the purchasing of specific services to assist the government to achieve its priorities.

A grant is a contribution towards delivery of a project of your own making, rather than a contract to deliver specific services identified by government.

At the end of the procurement process, successful companies will enter into direct negotiations with Arts Queensland resulting in a Service Agreement.

Further information can be found at: Queensland Government Procurement Strategy, Queensland Government Procurement Policy, Streamlined Service Agreements, including an example of a service provision agreement.   

What obligations define service delivery in a Government context?

All awarded contractors/consultants, under a Service Agreement, will be required to uphold high ethical standards, comply with probity principles, adhere to the code of conduct, and fulfil obligations relating to effective management of Conflicts of Interest throughout the procurement, and throughout the life of any awarded Service Agreements.

This includes:

  • observing applicable legislation, policies, agreements and industrial instruments
  • observe obligations of services delivered that reflect public sector values, ethics, and accountability
  • ensuring that appropriate governance mechanisms are in place (including systems to manage conflicts of interest and complaints)
  • employees should be aware that their actions are to be in accord with the Integrity Act 2009, the Public Sector Ethics Act 1994, along with the Code of Conduct for the Queensland Public Service.

How does Arts Queensland provide fair and open market opportunities?

Principle 3 of the Queensland Procurement Policy (QPP) outlines the government’s requirements and expectations about integrity, probity and accountability in relation to a procurement process.

Arts Queensland is committed to procedural integrity, transparency and fairness, and delivers on the guarantee that all suppliers/offerors and service providers have equitable access to information relating to tender/procurement opportunity.

For further assurance, an independent probity advisor may be engaged across the procurement process.