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To access the Queensland Government Procurement Portal, visit

To access Australia Council tenders, visit

How can I access resources to assist in tendering?

Queensland’s Governments Business and Industry Portal at

To register for other Departmental workshops & webinars including the Tendering for Government Business Workshop please visit:

To contact your nearest Queensland Government Regional Office Phone 13 QGOV (13 74 68)

Become familiar with the Queensland Government’s policy for procuring goods and services.

The policy aims to:

  1. Focus on the economic benefit to Queensland
  2. Maximise Queensland suppliers’ opportunity to participate
  3. Support regional and remote economies
  4. Stimulate the ICT sector and drive innovation

What is the tendering (procurement) process?

To become a Queensland Government supplier, you need to meet certain criteria. Depending on the procurement, you will need certain qualifications, permits, and insurance. Certain tenders require a minimum level of experience.

Government contracts are generally advertised through a tendering process. That is, where the specifics of the goods or service are advertised, and businesses are invited to submit applications.

For more information about suppling to the Queensland Government, visit

Arts Queensland has two tender sites;

  • QTenders - tenders for goods and services, including some building and construction projects. Register to download and respond to tenders, and set up automatic alerts.
  • eTender - tenders for construction (and demolition), fit-out and maintenance projects, including those relating to public housing; and civic, education, health and sports facilities.

To self-appraise your growth readiness and resilience, visit

Take the Fit to Supply quiz -

How do I best respond to a Government tender ?

To respond to a Queensland Government tender:

  • Read the summary of opportunity and objectives
  • Understand the requirements to be a conforming offer
  • Address all mandatory requirements 
  • Read the evaluation criteria, and conditions of offer
  • Respond in the context of the opportunity, objectives and evaluation criteria 
  • Ensure your response is submitted by the due date and time
  • Be clear about your value proposition, and the reciprocal value that will benefit all parties.

Guidelines for dealing with Queensland Government

Respect obligations of buyers - put your questions in writing first.

  • Avoid perceptions of undue influence
  • Avoid collusive and unfair practices
  • Disclose conflicts of interest
  • Provide accurate and reliable information
  • Provide a price breakdown that highlights your value

Common aspects to note

Templates present information, but most tenders will contain:

  • A summary of the tender outcomes
  • The closing date and time
  • The tender evaluation criteria
  • An indicative timetable for the contract
  • Details of any industry briefing sessions