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Sector Insights

Arts and cultural sector research, publications and reports.

General Resources

Australia Council for the Arts
Arts Nation Research Library 
Research and Data on the Arts in Australia
Electorate Profiles – This interactive page provides information on arts and culture in each of Australia's 150 federal electorate divisions. 
Connecting Australians: Results of the National Arts Participation Survey; Queensland Highlights (2017) (PDF) (253 KB)

Australian Bureau of Statistics
Culture and Recreation

Arts, Community and Social Impact

Creating Australia  Definitions of Community Arts and Cultural Development (PDF) (151KB); Principles of Community Arts and Cultural Development (PDF) (134KB) 
Americans for the Arts – Social Impact Explorer
What problem in our community is our museum most uniquely equipped to solve? by Johanna Jones (2019)
What is our museum's social impact? by Kelly McKinley (2017)


Arts and Health

Arts Health Network Queensland – Vision and Action Plan 20182020 (2018)
Public Health England – Arts for Health and Wellbeing: An evaluation framework (2016)
Australian Centre for Arts and Health – Resources
Institute for Creative Health – Resources


Arts and Cultural Tourism

Australia Council for the Arts – International Arts Tourism: Connecting cultures (2018) (PDF) (1.4MB)
Tourism Research Australia Latest International Visitor Survey Results (2018); Forecasts of International Traveller Activity; Latest National Visitor Survey Results (2018); Forecasts of Domestic Traveller Activity
Tourism and Transport Forum Australia – Cultural and Heritage Tourism in Australia (2016) (PDF) (620KB)


Arts and the Economy

Bureau of Communications and Arts Research – Creative skills for the future economy (2019)
NESTA – Creativity and the future of skills (2018); Creativity and the future of work (2018)
Statistics Working Group of the Meeting of Cultural Ministers – Measuring the economic value of cultural and creative industries (2018) (DOC) (658KB)
QUT Digital Media Research Centre – The Creative Economy in Australia (2016) (PDF) (833KB); Cultural production, creative services and income (2016) (PDF) (992) 


Arts and Education

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation – Arts Education
The Conversation – Explainer: What’s the difference between STEM and STEAM? by Bronwyn Wade-Leeuwen, et al. (2018)
Why is a STEAM curriculum perspective crucial to the 21st century? by Professor Peter Charles Taylor (2016) (PDF) (145KB)


Arts and Private Sector Support

Bureau of Communications and Arts Research – Private sector support for the arts in Australia (2017)


Arts Business

Sustainability of small to medium sized arts and cultural organisations in Queensland (PPTX) (1.27 MB) – AQ commissioned research by Deloitte Private to identify key challenges and opportunities of small to medium sized organisations.


Funding data

Organisation Fund Snapshot (PDF) (1.06 MB)


Working Together for Safe and Inclusive Arts Industry

National Association for the Visual Arts – Clear Expectations: Guidelines for institutions, galleries and curators working with trans, non-binary and gender diverse artists (2019) (PDF) (2.4MB)
Live Performance Australia – Code of Practice to Prevent Workplace Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Bullying (2018)