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Innovation and entrepreneurship

A vibrant, sustainable arts sector is reliant on continuous innovation and an entrepreneurial approach by our arts and culture practitioners, businesses and organisations. These resources provide insights into the latest trends, innovation models and future thinking to inspire entrepreneurship in arts practice, product and business.


Arts Acumen – Great expectations: megatrends and the arts
A keynote lecture by CSIRO’s Principal Scientist in Strategic Foresight, Dr Stefan Hajkowicz, discussing the social, economic and technological trends that may impact the arts sector in Queensland.

Business Model Generation – Business Model Canvas
The Business Model Canvas is a tool you can use for developing new business models as part of your business planning strategy. 

Creative Victoria – Trend Scouting: The undercurrents disrupting the cultural landscape
A presentation by Peter Tullin, co-founder of REMIX, providing a snapshot of the latest technology and consumer trends and how they will impact the cultural and creative industries.

DIY Toolkit – Innovation Flowchart
Define your opportunities and use the DIY template and instructional video to develop a plan to make the ideas a reality.


Queensland Government Business and Industry Portal – Crowdfunding finance
An overview of the advantages and disadvantages of crowdfunding.

TED Talk – Bill Gross: The single biggest reason why startups succeed
Be inspired by this talk by Bill Gross detailing the key characteristics of successful startups.

Proof of concept

Australian Institute for Commercialisation – Innovation Toolbox
Access a wide range of resources and information to evaluate your idea, manage intellectual property, connect to market and transform your business.  

Leadership Thoughts – How to Write a Business Case 
A guide to writing an effective business case including a business case template.

Project Smart – Writing an Unbeatable Business Case 
An overview of the key sections to include as part of your business case. 

Queensland Government Business and Industry Portal – Market and customer research 
Resources to assist with conducting market research and validating product and service demand.    

Useful links

Advance Queensland
A comprehensive suite of programs designed to turn great ideas into investable products and growing businesses.

IP Australia 
Tools, resources and case studies to assist with protecting your idea. 

Queensland Government Business and Industry Portal 
A broad range of resources, support, information and advice on starting, running and growing your business. 

Small Business Solutions 
Access business mentors, training, resources, workshops and coaching services to develop your small business.