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Angela Chaplin

The Smoke and Mirrors creative development aimed to create a draft script based on the life of Magician Sam Angelico. The creative development period also explored how to intergrate the use of illusion in the narrative and action layering the storytelling with an emotional subtext.

All three participants involved developed new skills and knowledge during the creative development. Magician Sam Angelico participated in naturalistic acting and script development for the first time. Director Angela Chaplin explored new opportunities in directing illusion and magic elements to enhance and strengthen a theatrical narrative and as a writer, incorporated Sicilian with English creating a truly bilingual script. Actor Rosemarie Lenzo furthered her knowledge in participating in script development. Both Angela and Rose developed knowledge of magic and its processes and uses within a dramatic context.

The Judith Wright Centre provided rehearsal spaces as part of its Fresh Ground Space program.

Read more about this creative development. (PDF) (192.9 KB)