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Jacob Hunt-Almstetter professional development and artistic traineeship in physical theatre

Jacob Hunt-Almstetter’s 2017 traineeship with Australia's leading physical theatre company Legs On The Wall led to a permanent place in the company.



In 2017, performer Jacob Hunt-Almstetter undertook a once-in-a-lifetime professional development opportunity with Australian physical theatre company Legs on the Wall and the world renowned Circus Oz.

Jacob’s career in gymnastics began at the age of two. He competed in trampolining at four National Competitions, represented Australia at the Indo Pacific Championships in New Zealand 2016, and became Australia’s No. 1 Wall Runner. 

Jacob became a Deadly Choices Ambassador to mentor other Indigenous children and represent his culture and community.

For his traineeship, Jacob undertook workshops in aerial, movement, physicality and professional development with Legs On The Wall.

This professional development has led to Jacob becoming a fully-fledged member of Legs On The Wall, where he continues to work and help broaden the company’s audiences in Australia and overseas


When and where

12 month Performer Residency with Legs On The Wall and their peer companies (July 2017 – June 2018).


Key stats

  • 1 emerging artist
  • 2 leading circus / physical theatre companies.


Arts Queensland investment

$10 000 - Individuals Fund 2017 

Arts Queensland supports individual artists and cultural workers to participate in transformational professional and career development opportunities. 



  • Jacob learnt new skills and trained with other arts workers as part of his traineeship with Legs On The Wall.
  • Jacob was exposed to many different sides of physical theatre and performing arts which broadened his knowledge base and strengthened his career direction.
  • Jacob has the opportunity to work with and be guided by Circus Oz. 
  • Jacob became a fully-fledged member of Legs On The Wall, where he continues to work and help broaden the company’s audiences in Australia and overseas.
  • Jacob was able to travel for professional development and performances without incurring additional financial expenses for the company.


Reflections and learnings

The expertise and guidance Jacob received was invaluable. Whilst working with Circus Oz Jacob was able to develop new skills that would not have been available through his current training.

This experience has given Jacob the confidence to work with others, develop his own projects and see them through to completion. 

Initially Jacob wanted to gain experience with the goal of working with Cirque Du Soleil. However because of the support through Arts Queensland’s Individuals Fund he was able to expand his industry knowledge and networks, and revise his immediate career plans. 

Jacob was able to receive one-to-one guidance and mentoring, gaining skills and exposure to new methods of physical theatre and a solid career base from which to grow from.

There are more options out there that Jacob is excited to experience. 



Reviews and feedback

Brag alert! We could not be prouder of our young man Jacob Hunt. Here he is training this week with our friends at Circus Oz as part of the Blak Flip program. Together Circus Oz and Legs on the Wall are supporting Jacob through a training and skill building mentorship, thanks to support from Arts Queensland. You make us proud Jacob, keep at it! – Legs on the Wall


Tips for others

Sometimes life isn’t just about the end game, the journey is just as important.

Performance and culture can be embraced in Australia and we can bring it to the world. – Jacob Hunt-Almstetter.


What next?

  • Jacob has built a strong working relationship with Legs On The Wall, which has allowed him to continue working with the company.
  • As well as continuing to work with Legs On The Wall in Melbourne and Sydney, Jacob will travel to Chile in December 2018 to perform Highly Sprung in Santiago.
  • In addition to his performance work Jacob is a Deadly Choices Ambassador to mentor Indigenous children and represent his culture and community.


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