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Individuals Fund

Bridgette Shepherd

Bridgette gained valuable knowledge on the international art jewellery community through internship.

14 May 2015

Katherine Philip

Through participation at the Impuls Academy, Katherine has developed her skills increased her network and been invited to give performances.

23 Apr 2015
Tintin Wulia

Tintin Wulia

Tintin’s participation in three artist residencies has resulted in the production of new works, new collaborations and built her capacity in socially-engaged practice.

25 Feb 2015

Arash Zanganeh

Publication of his book A guide to Daf technique & Middle Eastern rhythms has expanded Arash’s network and led to requests to run his therapy series.

19 Feb 2015

Brian Robinson

Brian's first solo exhibition in Southeast Asia has raised his profile internationally and created several ongoing opportunities.

18 Feb 2015
Margi Brown Ash

Margi Brown Ash

Participation in a tailored director’s program has opened up a number of opportunities for Margi.

12 Feb 2015