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School murals engage student artists

Artist Emma McLucas collaborated with students at Lockyer District High School to develop wall murals around the school to inspire students.



Artist Emma McLucas worked with Year 10 students at Lockyer District High School over several months to develop a series of mural pieces across the school. 

Emma and 80 students explored the use of abstract street art with typography to develop the works, through a series of Friday workshops.

The students produced three murals using the school motto, Belong, believe, achieve, as inspiration. Students were actively involved in the planning and execution of the works.

The murals were painted in two of the school bathrooms and an arts classroom. The bathrooms were chosen for murals to deliver positive messages to all students and help reduce vandalism in the areas.  


When and where

August to October 2018 

Lockyer District High School, Gatton 



Key stats

  • 1 Queensland artist employed
  • 3 murals completed
  • 80 students involved



$6000 Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF)

RADF is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Lockyer Valley Regional Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland



  • The project engaged the school community, encouraging students to participate in the activity. Over the duration of the project, Emma fielded interest from a diverse range of students including some not enrolled in art subjects. Students also committed to the project after hours.

I've had children that aren't doing art interact with me, it's not just the art students it has turned into a wider dynamic of the school.

  • Students developed new skills and a greater understanding of how to use graffiti art in a positive manner.
  • The art work has created a sense of pride and renewed sense of ownership in the students, reducing vandalism in areas with the murals.
  • Emma was able to develop her skills as a teacher and mentor in a school environment.


Learnings and reflections

I enjoyed working the murals into the Year 10 curriculum and now reflecting back, I was incredibly lucky it worked out that way. It gave the students the extra focus that didn’t pull them away from their school work. – Emma McLucas, Artist




Thanks Emma McLucas - Artist, for your amazing stewardship and artwork in supporting our students. The finished products look sensational! – Lockyer District High School facebook


Tips for others

I really enjoyed working with the students, but will definitely add more contingency to my timeline to reflect school holidays and other school events – Emma McLucas, Artist


What next?

Emma has started a new project in conjunction with Lockyer Valley Regional Council and the Mulgowie Community Centre that will possibly lead to further designs in other local schools.


Find out more

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A pdf version (PDF) (523.25 KB) of the case study is available.