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Pormpuraaw Mural Project

Creation of a giant mural in Pormpuraaw has engaged local artists and the community.



Artists from Pormpuraaw Art & Culture Centre created a giant mural that extends across the art centre, the shop and other buildings. 

Artists included Eric Norman, Katherine Ngallmetta, Elliot Koonutta, Christine Yantumba, Belinda Holroyd, Mylene Holroyd, Christine Holroyd and others.

Pormpuraaw Art & Cultural Centre focuses on activities that target the maintenance of strong cultural knowledge and practice to be passed on in an appropriate way by recognised and respected Elders, and peers.

The mural was part of the community's NAIDOC celebrations in November 2020, with grades 4, 5 and 6 participating in painting sessions.


Pormpuraaw image with female artist and child

When and where

September - October 2020, Pormpuraaw Art & Culture Centre 

Key stats

  • 1 new public artwork
  • 40 + artists and community members, including volunteer school children

Arts Queensland investment

Pormpuraaw is one of 14 Indigenous Art Centres funded through Arts Queensland’s Backing Indigenous Arts initiative and sharing funding of $610,000 through Backing Indigenous Arts (BIA) Uplift.

BIA Uplift supports sustained practice and revenue opportunities during the COVID-19 Recovery period.

BIA Uplift is one of a range of funding programs supporting First Nations artists, organisations and communities through the Queensland Government’s $22.5 million Arts and Cultural Recovery Package, announced in June 2020.




  • Attendance and participation
  • Cultural story telling
  • Community engagement
  • Artistic activity during the COVID-19 recovery period
  • Sharing art and cultural locally
  • A centrepiece in NAIDOC celebrations





The mural painting activity is a smashing success. It is so great to see people engaged and motivated.


Everyone in our community is enjoying them. 



What next?

We look forward to finishing them after holidays and doing more.


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