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Supporting the dreams of young dancers like Edison Manuel

A Queensland Government funded scholarship with the Queensland Ballet Academy honours the memory of Allison Baden-Clay and her love of dance.


Queensland dancer Edison Manuel is pursuing his professional dance career after being awarded an annual scholarship named in honour of domestic violence victim Allison Baden-Clay.

Edison Manuel, the 2019 recipient of Queensland Ballet’s Allison Baden-Clay Scholarship, completed Level 1 at the Queensland Ballet Academy and is now embarking on a promising dance career with Queensland Ballet.

Most recently, Edison participated in the Young Artist Tour to London in 2022 and has performed in the Queensland Ballet Academy Gala, Romeo & Juliet, Aspire and in performances of Bespoke.

His repertoire highlights include:
•    Queensland Ballet Academy Gala - (Les Sylphides, Concerto by Sir Kenneth MacMillan) 2017-2019
•    Queensland Ballet - Romeo & Juliet 2019
•    Aspire ’21 (Matador Suite by Christian Tátchev and Intimate Dialogues by Paul Boyd) 
•    Bespoke 2022

Accolades include:
•    Charles Lisner Award for 2020, an award which honours Queensland Ballet's founder, and is enabled by the Queensland Ballet Friends.

Born in Brisbane, Edison began dancing at the age of seven and started his professional training at 12 with the Queensland Ballet Academy. 

“After receiving the scholarship, my professional ballet training at Queensland Ballet Academy flourished and I am forever grateful for the chance to continue to develop as an artist, athlete, and person,” Edi said. 

“The ability to train at the Queensland Ballet Academy, whilst living away from home and supportingmyself would not have been possible without the Allison Baden-Clay Scholarship.

“The nurturing, caring, motivating, and inspiring environment Queensland Ballet provides has led me to start a professional career in the art form I love so much.”

The Allison Baden-Clay Scholarship, funded through the Queensland Government, pays tribute to Allison’s love of dance, and covers the cost of fees to the value of $5000 to complete Level 1 at the Queensland Ballet Academy.  

Edison Manuel partnering Sophie Kerr. Photography by David Kelly.

Key stats

Edison is one of three Scholarship recipients:
o    2018: Tajuddin (Taji) Hennessy 
o    2019: Edison Manuel 
o    2020: Indika Ashton 

Arts Queensland investment

Arts Queensland, in partnership with Department of Education, contributed $5 000 annually to the Allison Baden-Clay Scholarship from 2018–20.
The Queensland Government will continue to offer the Allison Baden-Clay Scholarship to assist a student in completing Level 1 at the Queensland Ballet Academy, subsidising his or her course fees to the value of $5,000 each year.


  • Professional development and career pathways: Whilst training with the Academy, Edison had many valuable performance opportunities.
  • Sharing our stories and celebrating our storytellers: Edison performed as the lead male in Intimate Dialogues, a role which allowed him to show vulnerability and emotion on stage whilst telling a story. 

Learnings and reflections

Being a part of the creative process for such a young dancer was a memorable and inspiring experience.  

“I’m starting to take ownership of my career and the corrections I need to work on,” Edison says. “I’m also playing with different styles and learning what works for my body. I enjoy the creative process and love being choreographed on and seeing all the elements of a production come together for an audience to enjoy.”

Edison said, “I hope that my contribution to the ballet productions can place audience members in a world or atmosphere different to their own. 

“Whether an audience member is completely involved in the story or in admiration of the athleticism, my hope is that there is an opportunity to escape and be entertained. 

“The kindness and generosity of the foundation has offered me so many opportunities and I am forever grateful. I hope to carry the kindness throughout my life,” Edi said.

Edison Manuel. Photography by David Kelly.

Tips for others

For those who wish to take the same path, Edison’s advice is to listen to everyone, absorb what they’re saying and take on all their advice, care and love.

What next

Edison’s goal for the future is to continue to involve people in our art form and deliver performances that make people think and feel.
“Ultimately, my goal is to transcend my technique in order to express.” Edi said.