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Development of the Roadmap

In October 2018, Minister for the Arts, Leeanne Enoch announced the launch of the Creating Queensland’s Future: 10-Year Roadmap for the arts, cultural and creative sector consultation.

Queenslanders were encouraged to have their say on the future direction of arts, culture and creativity in Queensland.

The first stage of the consultation is now complete. Information on the consultation process which was supported by the discussion paper can be found here.

All feedback received during the consultation is being considered in the development of a 10-Year Roadmap and action plan for Queensland.

1 Jan 2019
What we have heard

Thank you to everyone that has been involved in the consultation and shared your time, knowledge and experiences.

A large response was received across the different methods including face-to-face consultations, public and sector forums, written submissions and online surveys. Feedback was received from a variety of groups including sector, governments, businesses, other sectors and the Queensland public.

Participants told us about the importance of arts, culture and creativity in their lives, communities and to Queensland as a whole. We heard about the challenges Queenslanders face in engaging in creative experiences and the types of support needed to address these barriers. We have also heard about where you think changes need to happen to amplify the role arts, culture and creativity plays in Queensland’s future.

2 Jan 2019

How Queenslanders got involved


Over 2300 responses to three online surveys
23 public forums attended by 681 people
23 First Nations and sector  consultations attended by 475 people
89 written submissions received

What you told us

Whilst participants in the consultation provided feedback about opportunities and challenges specific and important to them, 5 key themes did emerge across the consultation.

These key themes, points raised in each theme and what participants said during the consultation are summarised below.


Continuing the conversation



While there was agreement on many of the priorities, opportunities and challenges raised in the consultation, Queenslanders also told us they wanted more time to discuss Queensland's future, a bolder vision and more emphasis on enriching the lives of Queenslanders.

To ensure we have the right plan in place, further research and consultation will be undertaken to inform the development of the Roadmap and action plan during 2019. It is expected the Roadmap will be released in late 2019.