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Access and engagement


Key points

  • Increase access to, and engagement with, arts and culture across the state for all Queenslanders.
  • Common barriers to engagement include the extent of opportunities available in local areas, affordability and accessibility.
  • Access to quality arts education at an early stage will develop the skills required for the future in young Queenslanders.
  • Strategic support and collaboration of creative practice in other sectors and industries will amplify the benefits for Queenslanders.


What people said during the consultation: 


We need to develop better ways of reaching every Queenslander and taking the arts to every corner of Queensland to ensure that those living in regional and rural areas have access to the arts and all they have to offer. (Written submission)

The arts need better funding to help it provide opportunities for the wider community to be able to actually get into the arts industry and engage in the arts as opposed to just experiencing it as an audience. (Public survey response) 

Arts companies need to be encouraged to be responsive to audience tastes and interests. (Public survey response)

Value the importance and significant role arts education has in teaching creativity. Provide opportunities for arts educators to have a significant voice in building the creative capability.  (Sector survey respondent)

You have a dynamic, flexible and creative workforce when focused creativity is taught in school when young. Arts Education is extremely important for increasing the capacity of workforce. (Sector survey respondent)

The education system must support the arts in ALL schools - not just in the schools where there is a strong arts teacher or principal. Educating not just the arts teachers but every teacher about the value of arts in education as well as providing training and practical skills/ideas to incorporate into their practice. (Sector survey respondent)