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Business and skills development


Key points

  • Affordable professional development, mentoring and training opportunities are required including artistic practice, leadership, business acumen, digital, philanthropy, evaluation and governance.
  • Build local capacity and cultivate diversity at all levels of the workforce ensuring the sector is representative of Queensland’s population.
  • Foster collaboration beyond artistic practice including sharing of physical resources, staff and knowledge.
  • Better articulation and measurement of the impact of arts and culture is important to increase understanding of its public value.


What people said during the consultation

It is not enough to 'bring' events to communities. A longer term goal is to facilitate development of skilled artistry and performance from and in the communities - producing insightful quality work that can also be recognised by the whole artistic community. (Sector survey respondent)

More professional development opportunities in the sector to build capability in the business of the arts in areas including marketing/audience/brand development, sponsorship and philanthropy. (Written submission)

As well as supporting our emerging artists and arts workers we need to value our established sector role models as mentors, we need to learn from their wisdom. (Written submission)

Support sharing resources/skills in regions will counteract skills/talent migration to major centres, promote collaboration vs. competition for resources. (Sector survey respondent)

   ….think more about the sector as an interconnected web, of which the government is but one part, and private sector is another, and other industries such as technology, science, social services and sport are others. (Written submission)

We need to be able to articulate our impact to get the corporate sector rallied behind arts more broadly. It is our belief that once they really understand our impact, they will see the opportunity to align with us. Government can play such an important role in advocating with business for the arts and encouraging creative partnerships. (Written submission)

Promote the importance of arts and culture as a positive asset with which one can measure Queensland's overall value - alongside our rich mineral and ecological resources, and tourism assets.  A community which embraces and engages with its arts and culture is a rich, innovative, and productive community. (Sector survey respondent)