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Queensland stories


Key points

  • Queensland’s diverse cultures, heritage and distinctive stories reflect and shape our identity and communities.

  • Visitors to Queensland are seeking authentic products and experiences that showcase our unique culture, stories and history of local areas.

  • Strategic collaboration with the tourism industry to better respond to market demand and develop cultural tourism content and product.


What people said during the consultation: 


I think the arts are the thing that create our community. It gives us our identity, reflecting our unique and diverse culture and drawing us together and connecting us to one another. (Sector survey respondent)

As communities seek to find ways to keep regional centres vibrant and attractive for both visitors and locals – the role and value of arts in these micro economies comes to the fore. (Written Submission)

Investing in local creatives, rather than bringing international acts here, means that we can support them to create their own audiences, and in turn, create a strong cultural identity for Queensland.  (Sector survey respondent)

Celebrate different cultures within our community including contemporary Australian culture, Indigenous culture and international cultures. (Public survey respondent)

As Queensland’s diversity increases - multicultural arts it is a critical component in building a socially cohesive community and maintain public health and wellbeing. (Public sector survey)

The link between heritage museums and tourism is the gateway to exponential growth in the local economy through increased visitor numbers who will bring economic growth, promote and build our local businesses, directly and indirectly (Written submission)