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About Creative Together

Creative Together 2020-2030 is the Queensland Government's ten-year vision which will see Queensland renewed and contribute to the state's social, cultural and economic future through arts, culture and creativity.



A State renewed and transformed by arts, culture and creativity


At the core of Creative Together is a strong and sustainable sector in Queensland, which can adapt to meet audience demand, embrace innovative delivery models, attract investors and build financial sustainability. With a strong sector, we will renew and transform Queensland and deliver on the following priorities:

  • Elevate First Nations arts

  • Activate Queensland’s local places and global digital spaces

  • Drive social change across the state

  • Strengthen Queensland communities

  • Share our stories and celebrate our storytellers.

Download Creative Together

Creative Together 2020-2030 (PDF) (4.1 MB)

Creative Together 2020-2030 text only (DOCX) (35.19 KB)





About Sustain 2020-2022

Creative Together will be delivered through three action plans across the 10 years. Consecutive actions plans will introduce new initiatives that will transition from rebuilding to strengthening and growing a thriving sector. 



Sustain 2020-2022 is the first action plan of the roadmap, in a staged approach to realising Creative Together’s vision. It will focus on recovery and rebuilding the sector, with actions to be implemented across the next two years.

The Queensland Government has committed $22.5 million over two years through the Arts and Cultural Recovery Package of the Queensland Government’s Unite and Recover for Queensland Jobs, to support actions in Sustain 2020-2022, ensuring the sector’s foundations to emerge from the impacts of COVID-19 with strength. 


Download the action plan

Sustain 2020-2022 (PDF) (1.92 MB)

Sustain 2020-2022 text only (DOCX) (24.25 KB)