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Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts showcases new works in 2019

The Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts is overseeing the development of seven performance and installation works in 2019 with support from QASP Arts Ignite.


Performance artist Tristan Meecham is creating Toy, an interactive installation that will examine gender expression using children’s toys in a creative space where families and young children can explore gender fluidity against the backdrop of traditional roles and responsibilities.

TRUTHMACHINE, developed by Nathan Sibthorpe, will be an interactive performance work using a working polygraph (lie detector). Participants are interrogated before being trained in how to cheat the test, exploring the role of truth in a post-truth world.

Indelabilityarts are creating Wilbur the Optical Whale, an enchanting story set under the sea, taking children on an immersive deep sea sensory journey using art forms such as circus, interactive visuals and sound design.

Flipside Circus will shape a new touring work The Dogs in the Schoolyard, in collaboration with young artists and targeted at children aged 3 to 9 years old.

Far North Queensland based artist and performer Zane Saunders will create a signature performance work Cure as part of his Spirit series exploring cultural and spiritual reformation, while Voiceless, from the Writers Republic, will reflect stories from South-East Queensland’s refugee and migrant communities with a view to perform the work at the 2019 Queensland Poetry Festival.

Dance project IF ONLY I COULD…,  one of the inaugural projects for this fund in 2018, will be supported to complete the next stage of its development. Led by director Angela Chaplin, IF ONLY I COULD… engaged aged care residents in Brisbane and regional communities to participate in a creative development process where they collaborated with some of Queensland’s most exciting professional dancers.

For more info: QASP Arts Ignite