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Arts Business Innovation Fund open

Arts Business Innovation Fund open

Not-for-profit arts and cultural organisations in Queensland with DGR Item 1 status are invited to apply for the Arts Business Innovation Fund (ABIF, The Fund) to undertake business development initiatives that strengthen income generating and entrepreneurial capacity.

This Fund provides support towards turning innovative ideas into action, enabling you to grow your business, create new income streams and reach new markets. The aim is to strengthen not-for-profit arts businesses financially and operationally by responding to innovative business ideas that will achieve an organisation's mission into the future. ABIF’s unique investment model offers applicants up to $100,000 in funding support, distributed as a 50/50 combination of government funding and zero-interest loan.

The Fund is an initiative of the Queensland Government, through Arts Queensland and the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation, and is developed in partnership with a consortium of three organisations: Foresters Group, Positive Solutions and QUT Creative Enterprise Australia.

Click here to find out more about our streamlined application process, or to submit a Pre-Qualification form online. ABIF is a rolling fund and you can apply anytime.

Arts Queensland will also be also hosting a live Facebook Q&A session on Thursday 28 April to answer your questions about ABIF. Join our Event Page to participate.

You can also read about our latest case study on ABIF recipient Silver Memories here.