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Individuals Fund 2022 recipients

The latest outcomes from the Individuals Fund 2022.

  • Tenzin Choegyal $7,000 - Contemporary Music: production/release of "Be the Mountain". The solo album of cross-cultural music and poetry takes an experimental approach to sound, instrumentation and digital music production, expressing ancient wisdoms in a very contemporary setting. (Brisbane City)
  • Karen Roberts $7,000 - Multi-arts:  Sex and Other Philosophies is a new cabaret in development about deconstructing and interrogating ideas surrounding the concept of what relationships and mindset are all about.  (Brisbane City)
  • Corrina Bonshek $6,994 - Classical Music: Supporting creative research trip to Quilpie for a new opera set. (Gold Coast City)
  • Jenna Robertson $7,000 - Classical Music: "Unravelling the Voice: A debut multi-format album by singer-storyteller Jenna Robertson" builds upon decades of classical/opera performance and recent, award-winning multi-genre works and collaborations. (Gold Coast City)
  • Johanna De Maine $7,000 - Visual arts, craft and design: Online teaching and converting a viable ceramic overglaze decorating workshop program into an online format, developing a new body of work and to secure new gallery representation. (Toowoomba Regional Council)
  • Andrew Veivers $7,000 – Contemporary Music: Youkali - compose, record, film and release four new contemporary Australian world music works for voice, Spanish guitar and double bass. (Sunshine Coast Regional Council)
  • Jessie Lloyd $7,000 - Contemporary Music: Ailan Songs Project. First Nations musician Jessie Lloyd will celebrate historical songs from the Torres Strait.  (Cairns Regional Council)
  • Naomi Hobson $7,000 - Visual arts, craft and design:  Artists Residency - Established First Nations visual artist Naomi Hobson will travel from her home in Coen Queensland, to Melbourne to take part in an artist in residence opportunity at Slow Clay Studio to prepare a body of work for the Australian Ceramics Triennale. (Cook Shire)
  • Bianca Gannon $7,000 - Classical Music: A 28-minute composition for piano, percussion, cello and bass-flute exploring themes of home, displacement and climate change in Australia and Ireland through the lens of social and cultural relationship to fire.  (Cairns Regional Council)
  • Cilla Pershouse $7,000 - Theatre: Deliver a high-quality-theatre arts mentoring program and performance opportunities for children attending tiny schools in regional Queensland. (North Burnett Regional Council)
  • Leanne Tennant $7,000 - Contemporary Music: production costs, and an upgrade of home studio equipment for co-writing with three separate writers - JHustl3, Joel Quartermain and Edwin White, and complete three new works set for release in 2022 and 2023. (Cairns Regional Council)
  • Tammy Law $6,968 - Visual arts, craft and design: Cancelled and Removed.  Production of an artist book exploring the stories of those affected by forced migration, presented through a multilayered narrative, using delicate visual language of photographs in combination with texts.  (Brisbane City)
  • Naomi O'Sullivan $7,000 - Contemporary Music: Producing an EP of original music by Naomi Jean featuring North Queensland artists, and in remote collaboration with colleagues around Australia. Film and edit a video clip for promotion of the single '10,000 lives'. (Townsville City)
  • Kitchener Wesche $7,000 - Contemporary Music: Producing the first recorded album of Samoan Talking High Chief Taitu’uga KITCH Wesche, a strong cultural creative songwriter, musician, actor and performer who has dedicated his life in Queensland sharing his cultural background and inspiring First Nations artists. (Brisbane City)
  • Elizabeth Mitchell $7,000 - Contemporary Music: Brisbane based musician Elizabeth anchors her vision for 2022 in the release of three singles and accompanying music videos. (Brisbane City)
  • Aldwyn Rostant $6,715 - Contemporary Music: Songwriter Aldwyn Rostant, known as Alvin, will create six original songs to increase the quality and scope of his work and raise his profile within the world of steel drum music.  (Logan City)
  • William Duffin $7,000 - Contemporary Music:  Ngirrma Gurii. First nations artist William Duffin will undertake a creative and product development project to establish a professional industry career, through recording his new project The Biri-Jah Experience. (Cairns Regional Council)
  • Andrew Martin $7,000 - Contemporary Music: This project will see the professional and creative development of Andy Martin under a 6-month mentorship with Aidan Hogg from Plutonium Studios, and Deb Suckling and Craig Spann from SugarRush Music. (Brisbane City)
  • Elaine Acworth $6,050 - Theatre: Supporting the producer's role on "The Open Door", which uses an innovative story approach to speak to a youth audience on the social mores/constructs supporting gender inequity and underpinning entrenched violence against women. (Brisbane City)
  • Moale James $7,000 - Other: To work as a curator-in-residence and develop QAGOMA’s Contemporary Pacific Women exhibition (2023). (Brisbane City)
  • Riley Baldwin $7,000 - Dance: Employing a professional choreographer to create a new work for the artist's youth company’s triple bill, “Shadow Works”. (Brisbane City)
  • Kailum Graves $7,000 - Visual arts, craft and design: Undertake self-directed practice-based research for the creation of a new bodies of work and to develop new skills through experimentation for continuing exhibiting and publishing. (Brisbane City)
  • Briana Dinsdale $7,000 - Contemporary Music: A single release containing 3-original modern, country songs. (Logan City)
  • Patricia Wood $5,890 - Dance: Participate in pitching session as part of CP3, an online Professional Development Program with Dance Nucleus, Singapore and collaborate with visual artist Katya Petetskaya as part of her residency at Tanks Art Centre, Cairns. (Cairns Regional Council)
  • Chantal Fraser $7,000 - Visual arts, craft and design: New work for solo exhibition at Griffith University Art Museum in 2023, revealing the ways racial and social inequity function in Australian society. (Moreton Bay Regional Council)
  • India Collins $6,994 - Visual arts, craft and design: Jellyfish Journey.  An installation of 10-12 large scale jelly fish made entirely from recycled materials including crab pots, steel, ghost nets, clothing, and plastic bottles. (Cairns Regional Council)
  • Vanessa Loh $6,647 - Visual arts, craft and design: To participate professional development online courses through CGM Academy and London’s Central Saint Martins College in conjunction with a self-directed period of research into diverse character representation. (Brisbane City)
  • Isabelle Reynaud $6,708 - Contemporary Music: Support the completion of the debut self- produced album “Seven.” by financing the creative development, recording and presentation of new musical works in collaboration with Townsville based artistic practitioners. (Townsville City)
  • Jenny Wynter $7,000 - Theatre: Developing a cabaret inspired by artist's elderly grandmother and her community. The project will engage seniors to create an experience which celebrates elders and confronts our fears of mortality. (Moreton Bay Regional Council)
  • Ryan Presley $7,000 - Visual arts, craft and design: Fresh Hell. Develop a new body of work, Fresh Hell, at ACE Open in Adelaide and at Gertrude Contemporary in Melbourne.   (Logan City)
  • Darcie Boatswain $7,000 - Other: Supporting creative development and presentation of "A House, A Home", a site-specific, contemporary circus show developed and presented at an AirBnB in Pimpama, Gold Coast. (Gold Coast City)
  • Kylan Ambrum $7,000 - Other: Producing Mentorship Comedian Kylan Ambrum is undertaking a mentorship with Experience Rova, a company that provides arts programming, touring and event management services to regional QLD.  (Bundaberg Regional Council)
  • William Debois $6,871 - Visual arts, craft and design: Engaging an experienced team to manage an exhibition tour and build on the ongoing project SACRIFICE.   (Gladstone Regional Council)
  • Damian Tatum $7,000 - Theatre: Through formal mentorship with Counterpilot, Damian will lead the formation of a new Brisbane-based theatre design collective, resulting in a new visual theatre and puppetry work, Clarence’s Bright Idea.  (Brisbane City)
  • Daniel Parsons $6,995 - Contemporary Music: Supporting the mix of songs, mastering of album and manufacturing of the product after the initial recording of Tracy McNeil's and the artist's debut duo album (under the name 'Minor Gold'). (Brisbane City)
  • Kathy Mackey $7,000 - Visual arts, craft and design: ‘LOYL: Passeggiata’ is a new participatory work and the focus of an Artist in Residence at Metro Arts Ferryman’s Hut in Brisbane in November 2022. (Gold Coast City)
  • Bridie Hooper $7,000 - Other: Conceptual development of new work "For Whom the Bell Tolls", to explore a long-term goal of creating immersive circus work in public spaces. (Brisbane City)
  • Anne Harris $7,000 - Visual arts, craft and design: Creative documentation of the stories and connection of plants in SE Queensland involving research, collaboration, story- telling, performance, medicinal, spiritual and process-based explorations of dye, ink, printing and fibre. (Sunshine Coast Regional Council)
  • Anna Straker $6,910 - Theatre: A mentorship with The Crackup Sisters in Winton to develop the character Banjo in The Incredible Flea Circus.  (Brisbane City)
  • Madeleine Border $6,948 - Theatre: Employing six Queensland creatives for the creative development of "Maddie is the New Karen", a comedic, multimedia Australian play catering to a diverse demographic.  (Brisbane City)
  • Anitah Kumar $6,490 - Multi-arts: an artist-led multi-arts project creating space and community for female, gender diverse and queer artists in Brisbane and beyond with regular events, including live music, performance, talks and visual art. (Brisbane City)
  • Courtney Scheu $7,000 - Dance: Develop new full-length dance work SAND in a collaboration between choreographer Courtney Scheu and visual artist Itamar Freed. SAND explores how we can  reconcile the impacts of human intervention in landscape. (Sunshine Coast Regional Council)
  • Elizabeth Willing $6,164 - Visual arts, craft and design: Supporting two projects, a public exhibition at QAGOMA as part of their Open Studio series, and a two-week residency at Brisbane public art consultancy and workshop, Urban Art Projects. (Brisbane City)
  • Tammy Brennan $6,550 - Multi-arts: Developing professional practice and voice into the area of digital podcasting, webinar series design and arts journalism. (Gympie Regional Council)
  • Bayoush Demissie $7,000 - Visual arts, craft and design: Aster + Asha Gallery will present an exhibition featuring emerging artists at Sydney Contemporary. The project will provide significant industry exposure and career development for the gallery, its artists and director. (Brisbane City)
  • Megan Jacobson $5,748 - Writing: Supporting primary carers of children to write for children. (Brisbane City)
  • Chalise van Wyngaardt $7,000 - Multi-arts: Supporting mentorship by Lynne Bradley and First Nations artistic director Nicole Reilly through the 2022 Zen Zen Zo Creative Entrepreneur Internship program.  (Brisbane City)

Header images: (1) Provided by Jenna Robertson, Independent Artist and Arts Leader. Image by Will Perez Ronderos.

(2) Provided by Courtney Scheu. Sand image by Itamar Freed.

(3) Provided by Moale James ​​. Marc Pricop, QAGOMA 2021. Photo Caption: A tour led by Moale James of APT10 with members of the Pasifika Women's Alliance for their activation space in the ACAPA Community Engagement project.

(4) Provided by William Debois. Father Andrew Chase, Gladstone. Excerpts from SACRIFICE, a portrait project exploring through photography and storytelling the diversity of experiences and interpretations of the notion of sacrifice.

Thumbnail images: (L) Provided by Courtney Scheu. Sand image by Itamar Freed.

(R) Provided by William Debois. Vaughan Goldenberg, Gladstone. Excerpts from SACRIFICE, a portrait project exploring through photography and storytelling the diversity of experiences and interpretations of the notion of sacrifice.