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Cultural Precinct - Indigenous significance

The stretch of the Brisbane River around Kurilpa Point is a traditional meeting, trading and hunting place for the Indigenous people of Brisbane.

The Cultural Precinct acknowledges the site's significance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people by incorporating different areas where Indigenous culture interacts with a contemporary learning environment.

This includes the Indigenous Knowledge Centre in the State Library, kuril dhagun and the Dandiiri Maiwar Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultures Centre at the Queensland Museum.

The Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) programming includes partnerships with several Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities including the Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts and Bangarra Dance Theatre

QPAC also programs an annual week-long festival, Clancestry, in collaboration with Guest Curators, Elders and members of the Community which celebrates the arts and culutural practices of the world’s First Nations Peoples, with a particular focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

The Queensland Art Gallery is also committed to profiling Queensland artists and strengthening relationships with Indigenous communities, through dedicated acquisitions, exhibitions and public engagement strategies.

After consultation with local Indigenous groups, the outdoor public space located between the Gallery of Modern Art and the State Library of Queensland was named "Maiwar Green". This name symbolises the traditional use of the area by local Aboriginal people, acknowledges the longstanding Aboriginal community presence there, and recognises the strong spiritual connection between the land and the river.