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In May 2018, the Queensland Government announced it would invest $125 million over four years to deliver a new $150 million theatre on the Playhouse Green site co-located with and operated by QPAC. QPAC will also contribute $25 million towards the project.

The New Performing Arts Venue (NPAV) will deliver a minimum 1500-capacity theatre to meet existing audience and producer demand and support continued growth of performing arts in Queensland.

QPAC schedules over 1300 performances annually and welcomed a record attendance of 1.5 million people in 2017/18.

The new theatre offers the potential to host an additional 300,000 visitors each year when it is fully operational.

21 Jan 2019


In May 2019, the Queensland Government announced Blight Rayner + Snøhetta as the successful Principal Consultant design team for the new theatre at QPAC.
Drawing inspiration from the Brisbane River as an important meeting place for telling stories, the concept design respects the heritage listed Queensland Cultural Centre while creating a new place with its own identity.

Key features of the concept design include:

  • two new studio spaces located below street level visible from Russel Street and the main foyer
  • transparent foyer spaces
  • a single balcony auditorium delivering enhanced audience sight lines.

Design of the new theatre has been guided by the Conservation Management Plan, commissioned by Arts Queensland and developed by heritage consultants in 2017.

21 Jan 2019

Download concept design images here.



The new theatre will:

Meet growing audience and tourism demand
Meet demand for greater access to Brisbane venues
Grow a range of performing arts experiences in Brisbane
Strengthen Brisbane’s cultural tourism offering
Support population growth
Create new employment opportunities
Showcase Queensland’s home grown talent


Work is well underway to progress the new theatre



The site of the new theatre is the Playhouse Green at QPAC on the corner of Grey and Russell Street, South Brisbane

The new theatre will be co-located with QPAC as its fifth performing arts venue





Construction of the new theatre will be delivered using a two-staged managing contractor model
In March 2019 the Queensland Government called for Expressions of Interest (EOI) for managing contractor services for the new theatre.


Latest news

28 Feb 2020

Preparatory works start

Progress on Queensland’s new $150 million theatre will become visible this week with Managing Contractor, Lendlease establishing a presence at the Playhouse Green project site. READ MORE
22 Jan 2020

NPAV - Project update

As a State Government project on a heritage-listed site, the new theatre project requires approval by the Minister for Environment and Science, following a recommendation from the Queensland Heritage Council. READ MORE
1 Oct 2019

Upcoming approval processes

Following the recent appointment of the Managing Contractor, the new theatre project will now undergo two approval processes. READ MORE
4 Sep 2019

Managing Contractor announced

The Queensland Government formally announced Lendlease has been appointed as the successful Managing Contractor to build the new theatre at Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC). READ MORE
15 May 2019

World class design unveiled for new theatre

The Palaszczuk Government has unveiled the concept design of the $150 million new theatre to join the stage at the Queensland Cultural Centre at South Bank. READ MORE
16 Mar 2019

Stage is set to secure contractor to build new theatre

The Palaszczuk Government has called for Expressions of Interest (EOI) for a managing contractor to oversee the development of the new $150 million theatre at Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) that will support more than 100 jobs during construction. READ MORE
29 Jan 2019

Design consultants shortlist for new theatre

A $150 million new theatre for QPAC is one step closer, with the announcement of a shortlist of firms that will participate in a design competition. READ MORE
27 May 2018

New Theatre to deliver more performing arts for Queenslanders

The Palaszczuk Government will deliver a new $150 million state of the art theatre for Brisbane as part of next month’s State Budget. READ MORE


Delivery of the theatre is being managed by the Queensland Government’s Department of Housing and Public Works (DHPW) Project Delivery Team on behalf of QPAC and Arts Queensland.
The Queensland Government has committed $125 million for the $150 million new theatre, with QPAC contributing $25 million.
QPAC’s two large theatres, the Lyric and the Playhouse, are nearing full capacity with a strong forward program of bookings to 2022 and beyond. The new theatre will meet larger audience demand and grow the number of performing arts experiences available in Brisbane.

The Queensland Government is committed to design excellence and recognises the importance of well-designed buildings, spaces and places.

In May 2019 Blight Rayner + Snøhetta were announced as the Principal Consultant design team for the new theatre.

The design for the new theatre within the Heritage Listed Queensland Cultural Centre, will be guided by the Conservation Management Plan, commissioned by Arts Queensland and developed by heritage consultants in 2017.
Construction of the new theatre will be undertaken by Lendlease who were announced as the project’s Managing Contractor in September 2019 following a robust procurement process. Preparatory works to support the delivery of the project are now underway. Subject to approvals, construction works for the new theatre will commence mid 2020. It is expected construction will take up to two years.
The new theatre is due for completion in late 2022.
The new theatre will be co-located with QPAC and operated by QPAC.