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Evaluation and Reporting Resources

Evaluation is about understanding the impacts or outcomes of a program or service and how these impacts or outcomes were achieved.

Understanding evaluation methods at the beginning of your project will assist you with implementing the best processes to collect valuable data throughout your project. 

This data can inform future planning, project development and assist with understanding the social, cultural and economic value and impact of project outcomes. 


Fact sheets


Counting attendees at live events

Information about counting attendees at a cultural event, possible challenges and ways to mitigate risk.

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Developing and implementing surveys

Key considerations in developing and implementing surveys to ensure you get interesting and useful information and data. 

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Engaging an external evaluator

Basic guidelines for engaging an external evaluator to help ensure you get the best person for the job.

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Getting started with evaluation

Information about getting started with evaluation, what you should consider and the tools and resources available.

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Evaluation tools

Evaluating social outcomes

List of considerations in evaluating social outcomes for arts projects and programs.

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Program logic (theory of change)

Template for developing a program logic. An example of completed program logic is provided as an example.

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