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Arts Queensland schools touring services


The Queensland Government is committed to ensuring that early years, primary and secondary school students in rural and remote Queensland communities have access to engaging high-quality, inspiring and curriculum-connected arts and cultural experiences. 

Arts Queensland is now procuring Schools Touring Services as follows:

Service 1: Schools Touring and professional development

Arts led, curriculum connected schools touring and professional development across four regional and remote Queensland areas.

  • Area 1: Far North Queensland, Cape York and Torres Strait
  • Area 2: North and Northwest Queensland and Gulf
  • Area 3: Central West and Western Queensland
  • Area 4: Southwest Queensland

While suppliers are expected to deliver across their service area, the focus of schools touring service delivery is on rural and remote Queensland communities i.e. those rated 4 and above on the Modified Monash Model scale of remoteness.

Service 2: Online platform

Creating, managing and marketing an online platform where teachers can search for quality-assured arts and education products and services. The platform will help connect schools and kindergartens with artists, arts organisations and Elders delivering curriculum-connected activity locally or across Queensland.

Key contract details

Suppliers can offer to deliver Service 1 or Service 2, or for both Services. In addition, they can offer to deliver Service 1 in one, some, or all of the 4 regions.

Successful suppliers will be offered a 30-month contract from July 2023 to December 2025. There will be an option to extend this for an additional 12 months, subject to satisfactory performance.

A total budget of $3.2 million is allocated to enable both services to be delivered across all services areas over the potential life of the contract (42 months). It is also anticipated this budget will support multiple service providers, with the value of individual service contracts to be negotiated based in the tender offers made.

Procurement closes 2pm, Tuesday 30 May 2023. 

How to tender 

  1. Register on QTenders, the Queensland Government tender platform
  2. Read the Schools Touring Services procurement documents on QTenders to find out more about the services Arts Queensland is looking for.
  3. Attend 1 of 3 mandatory online industry briefings on:
  • 1pm Friday 5 May (register by 5pm Wednesday 3 May)
  • 1pm Wednesday 10 May (register by 5pm Monday 8 May)
  • 4pm Wednesday 10 May (register by 5pm Monday 8 May).
  1. When you’re ready, you’ll need to submit your offer through QTenders. 


To be eligible to submit an offer, suppliers must have a registered Queensland business address and have demonstrated attendance at one of the online briefings.

Any questions?

Any questions about the Schools Touring Procurement should be emailed to: 


Having an arts-rich education at an early age gives young people essential skills to navigate a rapidly changing, modern life including:
  • Collaboration
  • Problem-solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Agility
  • Empathy.

There is strong evidence that arts engagement in educational settings has positive effects across non-arts learning areas, including improving social capabilities, engagement with school, and enhancing belonging to cultures and communities.

Arts Queensland undertook extensive consultation in the development of Grow 2022-2026, and Creative Together 2020-2030 – A 10-year Roadmap for arts culture and creativity in Queensland.

This process included regular and in-depth conversations with a range of areas within the Department of Education, all regional Catholic Education bodies, the Independent School Association and the broader arts sector.

Key insights though this consultation have informed the delivery approach for arts and education in Queensland and informed the scope of the services Arts Queensland is currently seeking.

Key areas of need for service delivery included:

  • First Nations arts and cultural content and experiences for students and teachers
  • opportunities and mechanisms to connect with local First Nations and non-First Nations artists and organisations including greater connections to Elders in school communities
  • wellbeing related arts and cultural content and experiences for students and teachers
  • high-quality arts touring products that are curriculum-connected and endorsed by experts
  • arts-led professional development for teachers.

Queensland Government is committed to ensuring all Queenslander have access to high-quality arts and cultural experiences. The focus of this new approach to schools touring is to grow access to high quality arts experiences, no matter where people live and learn, and will engage Queensland’s children and young people in kindergartens and schools within remote communities.

Investing in schools touring is a key action of Grow 2022-2026, the second action plan of the Queensland Government’s 10-year roadmap for arts, cultural and creativity, Creative Together 2020-2030. It works to deliver key priorities in this strategy including elevate First Nations arts, drive social change and strengthen communities, and share our stories and celebrate our story tellers.

Key benefits of the new schools touring service delivery approach:

  • Children and young people will have access to inspiring performances and workshops.
  • Students will experience arts enriched learning environments, including having issues shared and stories told in fresh and engaging ways.
  • Schools and kindergartens can access more high-quality performances and workshops, with teaching materials that help them deliver compulsory curriculum areas and/or support their students’ engagement and wellbeing.
  • Educators will be offered inspiring professional development and networking opportunities that build their confidence and skills.
  • A one-stop shop online platform will make it quicker and easier to search for quality-assured arts and education products and services.
  • Enhanced connections will be made between schools and local artists and Elders, growing new employment opportunities.
  • Artists and arts organisations can grow their markets across Queensland with reduced risk and increased efficiency.
A procurement process involves the purchasing of specific services to help the government to achieve its priorities. A grant is a contribution towards delivery of a project or activity of your own making, rather than a contract to deliver specific services identified by government. More information is available on the Queensland Government Procurement Policy page. 
The Touring Queensland Fund (TQF) will continue to support schools touring across the state although the same tour cannot be funded through procurement and TQF.

This procurement recognises the ongoing challenges for rural and remote schools in accessing high quality, curriculum-relevant arts experiences through touring and specialised arts teaching. It also recognises the higher cost of delivering activity for rural and remote schools due to their small size and geographic isolation which means fewer arts and education providers offer services to these areas even when supported by grant programs.

You have the choice to offer for:


One area

Two or three areas

All areas

Service 1 only:
Schools Touring Services

Only Schools Touring Services (Service 1) in one area only

Only Schools Touring Services (Service 1) but in two or three areas

Only Schools Touring Services (Service 1) but in all four areas

Service 2 only:
Online platform

Statewide online platform (Service 2)


Service 1 + Service 2:

Schools Touring Services (Service 1) in only one area plus statewide online platform (Service 2)

Schools Touring Services (Service 1) in two or three areas plus statewide online platform (Service 2)

Schools Touring Services (Service 1) in all four areas plus statewide online platform (Service 2)

What you offer for should depend on your organisations’ skills and capacity to deliver the services. Managing both services or delivering in more than one area may create efficiencies created by which delivers better value for money for the Queensland Government.

Full details of the deliverables and expectations for Service 2 can be found in the request for tender document on QTenders. It is permissible for an organisation to work with a subcontractor who will help develop, build and/or host the platform while the organisation delivers:
  • day-to-day content management and promotion of the platform; as well as
  • quality assurance of the education products being advertised on the platform.

This is similar to the way that arts organisations already work with other businesses who help build and manage the organisation’s website.

You can only offer for the whole area(s) as set out in the procurement documents. You can’t offer for part of an area or areas.
No, as an online platform Service 2 must be delivered state-wide.