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Regional Arts Services Network

The Regional Arts Services Network (RASN), an initiative of the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland, is a new approach to delivering statewide arts services. The Queensland Government committed $6.5 million to RASN from 2017-18 to 2020-21 to build capacity, support collaboration, and leverage the value of the arts to achieve social and economic outcomes.

RASN is a network of regional arts service providers who, supported by the State Coordination Office, will work together to deliver on-the-ground arts services in their communities across the state. They will drive regional development across regions and work with the local arts sector, the community and key stakeholders to determine specific arts and cultural priorities for their region.

Following a robust two-stage EOI process, regional arts service providers across the state and the State Coordination Office provider have now been secured to form the Regional Arts Services Network.

Eight service providers form the network:


Queensland Music Festival (QMF) will support the network in the role of State Coordination Office, establishing statewide planning, communications, and as a connector to arts funding opportunities.

The RASN model will see the employment of at least nine regional arts officers across the state.

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RASN was developed in response to consultation with more than 330 stakeholders and addresses the consultation’s key findings for regions to prioritise local needs and build networking and collaboration across regions and between artists and companies.

The model focusses on highlighting the value of the arts in delivering social and economic benefit that ultimately work to deliver regional development outcomes.

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Queensland Music Festival, in their role as RASN coordinator for the service provider network, keep the network informed of RASN news and activities.

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Central West residents and artists create works of art and connect regional communities in an ambitious project for the Regional Arts Services Network

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