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Appointment process for Arts Portfolio Boards

Arts Queensland facilitates the appointment of members and directors to the Arts portfolio statutory bodies and companies which are:

  • Queensland Art Gallery Board of Trustees
  • Board of the Queensland Museum
  • Queensland Performing Arts Trust
  • Queensland Theatre Company
  • Library Board of Queensland
  • Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts Pty Ltd
  • Major Brisbane Festivals Pty Ltd
  • The Queensland Music Festival Pty Ltd
  • Screen Queensland Pty Ltd

When vacancies arise on any arts portfolio boards, Arts Queensland, in consultation with the Chairperson of the Board assesses the skills and experience that are needed to ensure implementation of the organisation’s strategic and operational plans.

In accordance with the Queensland Cabinet Handbook, Arts Queensland considers gender, multicultural and youth considerations, and interested community members generally when formulating the list of nominees for Ministerial consideration.

Nominees are sourced from the Queensland Register of Nominees and in some instances through advertising of the roles.

More information on the role of government boards and those who serve the community as members, and how they are established is available on the Department of the Premier and Cabinet website.