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Cultural Engagement Framework

The First Nations Arts and Cultures Panel and Arts Queensland have collaborated to develop a Cultural Engagement Framework - Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts and cultures in Queensland.

This Framework aims to inform and guide respectful engagement with First Nations peoples, organisations and communities in the development and presentation of arts and cultural work.

The Framework has the key objectives, to:

  • increase understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, cultures and protocols
  • improve cultural safety for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples working in the arts and cultural sector including government owned arts organisations and venues
  • position arts and culture as a platform for enabling and supporting the Path to Treaty
  • ensure that First Nations arts and cultural practitioners, communities and cultural materials are ethically and respectfully engaged
  • support achievement of the Creative Together vision for a state renewed and transformed through arts, culture and creativity

The Cultural Engagement Framework includes guiding principles and tips for putting the principles into practice.

Download the Cultural Engagement Framework (PDF) (1.19 MB) 


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