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Eclectic Liasions – Dr Kim Cecile Elton

Pianist and composer Dr Kim Cecile Elton (known as Cecile) collaborated with other creatives to record new music. Overcoming the challenges posed by distance and different music backgrounds allowed her to expand and improve her art, practice and professionalism. 


They say many minds make great work and that’s exactly what Sunshine Coast musician, Cecile Elton, found when she composed, arranged and recorded for her new studio album, Eclectic.

Cecile engaged French-Canadian trained vocalist Benjamin Bowen; Canada-based producer Olivier Leclerc; and Buderim-based recording engineer James Russell to participate in the project. Cecile, pianist, composer and arranger, explored a diversity of existing genres including Jazz; Latin; French Art song; and Tango. She reinvented music in new ways, especially in her three original compositions for solo piano. 

Through this rehearsing and recording experience, Cecile drew inspiration from her recording partner Benjamin’s musical background and creative influences. This expanded her understanding of the editing process, and built on her professional approach to project management and working relationships.


When and where

June to July 2020, Yandina and Buderim studios, Sunshine Coast.

Arts Queensland Investment 

$5,400 – Individuals Fund, April 2020.

Arts Queensland supports individual artists and cultural workers to participate in transformational professional and career development opportunities.



  • Due to the collaborative nature of the project where Cecile was often placed in a leadership role, she improved her skills in project management to better instigate deadlines and make the most of rehearsal time.
  • Cecile also improved her professionalism and skill when working with and training other musicians, especially concerning rehearsal and performance etiquette.
  • Through her collaboration with Benjamin, he also developed new skills and gained a strong degree of professionalism as a recording musician within a short amount of time.

“I now understand better how to work with a singer that needed assistance to become highly professional in his performance.”


Learning and reflections 

Taking a lead role in the production of her new music and studio recording, Cecile initially found it challenging to navigate working relationships with her collaborators but found a way to communicate and manage the project in a diplomatic, professional manner.

“Working as a woman in charge! I learned how to be subtle working with 2 males, the singer and the engineer. I did succeed in gracefully stating my case without any friction. I didn't make any significant changes once we were in the studio except shortening the length of the Jazz tunes. It was important to give equal time to each genre representing the idea "Eclectic", the name of the CD recording.”

Having developed a strong working rapport with the studio engineer James, Cecile deepened her understanding of the editing process and reflected that she found it much more in-depth than she had previously imagined.

“This recording project was my fourth experience over 10 years, creating and recording my music. The learning aspect this time was to include new versions of a range of existing styles; working with a singer who had studied opera and a range of other music styles.” 


Tips for others

“Even though I have experience in studio etiquette previously, I found that I had to direct the project in an understandable, simplified manner (and remain the 'Boss!')." 



What’s next?

Cecile plans to offer a selection of the classical recordings from Eclectic to the ABC FM Classic Radio for broadcasting. 


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