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Tia Gostelow – Queensland singer/songwriter

Indigenous singer/songwriter Tia Gostelow sharpened her writing and producing skills with the aim to release and tour her debut album.



Mackay-based singer/songwriter Tia Gostelow, who turned 18 in 2017, is building her career with support from Arts Queensland. In 2017 she participated in a five-day songwriting workshop, record her first album in 2018 and tour throughout Australia.

Tia attended the Native Tongue Writing Camp on the Central Coast of NSW in November 2017 to write songs for her debut album and to gain experience in the production side of music.

Tia wrote a number of new songs, increased her knowledge about production, collaborated with other songwriters and expanded her professional network.



Arts Queensland investment

$1551 – Individuals Fund - Backing Indigenous Arts

Arts Queensland supports individual artists and cultural workers to participate in transformational professional and career development opportunities. Backing Indigenous Arts (BIA) provides opportunities for Queensland-based Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and arts workers.

In 2018 Tia received $27,166 through the Queensland Arts Showcase Program (QASP) to record her debut album. QASP supports vibrant and accessible arts and cultural experiences.

She also received  $4400 through the Playing Queensland Fund for the Queensland component of the national tour to support the album. Arts Queensland supports regional tours to deliver performances, exhibitions and community engagement activities in Queensland communities.


When and where

6 – 10 November 2017, Native Tongue, The Grove Studios, Somersby, Central Coast of NSW.



  • The writing camp experience influenced Tia’s approach to song writing. She worked with a different producer each day, exposing her to multiple genres of music and broadening her musical knowledge.
  • Tia wrote and completed new songs which she will record and release on her debut album.
  • Tia gained a better understanding of co-writing and studio producing processes.
  • Tia widened her professional network through connections she made at the camp.



Learning and reflections 

Writing in the studio with complete strangers wasn't something I had experienced before. My usual song writing process is very much writing on my own with my guitar and keyboard and then taking it into a studio to work on with a producer. I find the whole experience of working with different producers, musicians and writers a really inspiring process and can't wait to do it all again!”  Tia Gostelow


Tips for others

“Co- write with people! You just never know what kind of amazing music you can end up with. It's a great thing to write with others, people from different backgrounds and experiences,, that produce different sounds etc. It extends you artistically and musically. It also connects you with others and opens the door for future collaborations.” Tia Gostelow



What next?

2018: Tia is planning to collaborate with other songwriters she met at the Native Tongue camp. She is at work on her debut album, to be released in 2018, and will also tour.

2019: Tia's first album, Thick Skin, won the Queensland Music Awards Album of the Year for 2019.

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