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Western Touring Circuit music-making workshops inspire creatives of all ages

Electronic music workshops help participants find their beat


Music-making workshops delivered by Shiny Shiny Productions provided a hands-on electronic music experience to communities in Western and Central Queensland. The workshop series engaged school students and community participants of all ages to creatively challenge themselves in a supportive environment.

The workshop participants explored their creativity and self-expression by producing music through song writing and electronic beat production software.

Workshops were delivered across 9 locations, engaging 12 schools and 225 enthusiastic student participants whose feedback echoed the atmosphere of the day: ‘This workshop made me love music’ – student participant

Partnerships were key to the success of the workshops, with Shiny Shiny Productions partnering with the Local Government Areas (LGA’s) and local arts and cultural organisations to leverage established relationships with community and school groups.

Shiny Shiny Productions is a multi-platform creative arts company working across cutting edge projects from audio to screen and live performance.



When and where

4 to 23 September 2022.

9 locations in Western and Central Queensland including Barcaldine, Blackball, Tambo, Charleville, Cunnamulla, Thargomindah, Quilpie, Winton, and Longreach. 

Key stats

  • 9 locations
  • 12 schools
  • 18 performances
  • 225 student participants
  • 234 workshop participants  

Arts Queensland investment 

$22,004 supported through Touring Queensland Fund.

The Touring Queensland Fund supports regional community access to quality arts and cultural events and products through the delivery of touring arts and cultural experiences in a range of places including halls, libraries, galleries, performing arts, venues, schools, and non-traditional spaces within and across Queensland communities.



  • Elevate First Nations arts – Engaged with the Central West Aboriginal Corporation to support connection with Aboriginal peoples outside of the education system and provided workshops to young people and elders.
  • Share our stories and celebrate our storytellers – Workshops participants were supported to develop digital music-making skills through working with song writing and technical software.
  • Drive social change and strengthen communities – Regional Queenslanders of all ages and backgrounds participated in the workshops.  



From teachers and council partners attending the workshops with students:

“It was a fantastic chance for the kids to work together to produce their very own song; experimenting with rhythm and rhyme was particularly relevant to their learning. It was a very valuable experience of both music and technology that our rural students don't often have exposure to”.

“It was beautiful to hear what the students produced”.

“Learning a new skill, such as techno music can serve as a personal development tool. It was great to see the students at the schools and the adults coming together and teaching each other new skills writing a song it was excellent”.

From community workshops:

"I never would have been brave enough to try this without the workshop! I am so grateful for this opportunity to learn these new skills”.

"It will be very beneficial to my career".

“Loved it, very inspiring, thank you for your patience and expertise.”

Learning and reflections

Working with Artour was essential in our ability to broker relationships with key contacts in local government authorities and partnering with local organisations. These relationships were key to the success of the program. 


Tips for others

Being agile and responsive to participant and community needs, changes to schedule and environmental conditions. Stay on your toes, keep an open heart and mind and have a heap of fun with the community.


What next?

The Central West Aboriginal Corporation, Local Government Areas (LGAs) have requested future workshops. 



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